The cross border Commercial Law group has member firms in 125+ jurisdictions around the world.

Each member of the network is carefully vetted on their firm’s expertise and experience. Our Members are not just content to be part of the industry but also aim to lead it lead through innovation. Above all else; our members are proud hold the highest ethical standards.

We offer a full global commercial law service offering including; general commercial, company formations, contract, trade and in/outbound investment.

Why Use an IR Global Commercial Law Member?

As the most active group in IR, the commercial law group sees a wide variety of cases handled all over the world. The group’s success can be attributed to our emphasis on cost effective solutions, personal service and seamless communication when acting on issues spanning multiple jurisdictions.

Furthermore, a strong emphasis is also placed on sector expertise via our internal member mapping system. This enables the network to connect members with clients in the same fields and helps clients explore opportunities for growth together.

For these reasons, the IR International Commercial Law Group is fast becoming the ‘go to’ global alternative for international businesses. Get in touch and see how we can help you.

Steering Committee

John Wolfs

Managing Director, Wolfs Advocaten

Bosco de Gispert Segura

Lawyer, Grupo Gispert

Stéphane Bertouille

Partner, Everest Law

Stephen Siller

Partner, Offit│Kurman

Oksana Howard

Partner, Colman Coyle

Search members within this group:

John Wolfs

Managing Director, Wolfs Advocaten

Bosco de Gispert Segura

Lawyer, Grupo Gispert

Seema Jhingan

Partner, LexCounsel

Christian Roth

Partner, rothpartners

Isabella Bertani, BBA, FCPA, FCA, MBA

Founder and Chief Client Strategist, BERTANI

Dunstan Magro

Managing Partner, WDM International

Stéphane Bertouille

Partner, Everest Law

Thomas Paoletti

Founder & Managing Partner, Paoletti Law Group

Peter C. Pang

Principal Attorney and Managing Partner, IPO Pang Xingpu

Marco Pistis

Partner, IPG Lex

Julia Charlton

Partner, Charltons

Clinton Morrow

Partner, Charltons

Michael Einbinder

Founding Partner, Einbinder & Dunn LLP

Zihni Bilgehan

Senior Partner, Ersoy Bilgehan

Šárka Gregorová

Partner, Schaffer & Partner

Teresa N. Taylor

Shareholder, Butzel Long

Andrea Vasiľová

Partner, Vasil & Partners

Oksana Howard

Partner, Colman Coyle

François Ferrari

Partner, ACTAH

Gamal Abou Ali

Senior Associate, Hassouna & Abou Ali

Shailendra Swarup

Partner, Swarup & Company

Bindu Saxena

Partner, Swarup & Company

Tuomo Kauttu

Partner, Aliant Finland

Carlo Messina

Managing Director, Messina Incorporated

William H. Shawn

Co-Managing Partner, ShawnCoulson

Yaw Adjei Afriyie Nketiah, Esq.

Managing Partner, Legal Alliance

Cherry Bridges

Partner, Ritch & Conolly

Anders Hedetoft

Partner, Attorney-at-law, Holst, Advokater

Mark Benton

Partner, AHNSE Law Offices

Sung Whan Lee

Managing Partner, AHNSE Law Offices

Dr. Thomas Nitsche

Partner, Norlaw GmbH

Nigel Greenaway

Director – Corporate, GS Verde Law

Michael S. Roberts

Partner, RM Partners Law LLC

Patricia Hernandez

Partner, Avila Law

Jonathan Dunn

Attorney, SMTD Law LLP

Nicolette Spiteri Bailey

Partner, Aequitas Legal

Georg Sapiano

Partner, Aequitas Legal

Anna Fernqvist Svensson

Partner, HELLSTRÖM Law

Janet Francis

Partner, FrancisGrey

Davy Gorsele

Partner, QUORUM

Cok Zijerveld

Partner, Everest Legal

Ummi Jalilova

Partner, Director of Baku office, GRATA International

Géraldine Brasier Porterie

Partner, Baro Alto

Aviva Y. Gordon

Partner, Gordon Law

Finley T. Harckham

Shareholder, Anderson Kill

Craig Blackmore

Director, GS Verde Law

Gideon Koren

Founding Partner, Gideon Koren & Co.

Andria Andreou

Partner, Athos Group

Lucien Kalenga

, Everest Law

Nicolò Manzini

Partner, IPG Lex

Jeffrey Kroeker

Partner, Civis Law LLP

Alexander Roth

Lawyer, rothpartners

Charlène Russo-Tranchand

Avocat / Attorney at Law, rothpartners

Cristina Bergner

Lawyer / Partner, ASTRA ADVOKATER

Robert Bron

Owner & founder, ABiLiTieS Trust

Adriana Posada

Partner – Director, A & C Legal

Shesh Mani Dahal

Partner, SDR Associates

Alex Stolarsky

Partner, Attorney-at-Law, SCHNEIDER GROUP

Marcin Macieszczak

Managing partner, attorney at law, GESSEL

Fabio Gasperoni

Partner, Maprima

Kwabena Adu-Kusi

Managing Partner, Adu-Kusi PRUC

Julio A. Quijano B.

Partner, Quijano & Associates

Sakib Sikder

Managing Partner, Jural Acuity

William Boli Nyirenda. SC

Founder, William Nyirenda & Company

Kate Anderson

Partner, Voisin Law

Jeffrey D. Johnstone

Associate Partner, BROADHURST LLC

Moses Nkomo

Senior Partner, DNM Attorneys

Victoria M. Mbithi

Senior Associate, KTK Advocates

Barthelemy Kere

Partner, KERE Avocats

Howard N. Gould

Managing Partner, Gould Law

Michiel Pouillon

Partner, QUORUM

Anastasia Gordeeva

Belt and Road Manager, Charltons

Isabel Tenreiro Martins

Partner, Bind

Rui Esperança

Partner, Bind

Gonçalo Vaz Osório

Partner, Bind

Gregory M. Prekupec

Partner, Dipchand LLP

Charles A. Roberts Jr.

Partner, Bradley

Adebayo Oyagbola

Partner, Oyagbola Chambers

Amina Oyagbola

Partner, Oyagbola Chambers

Vladan Simonovic

Partner & Foreign Investment Adviser, MEDIA DOO (ltd)

Lieselotte Vrints


Leanne Thomas

Director – Corporate / Head Of Pembroke Dock & West, GS Verde Law

Alain Girard

Partner, FIDAG

Maurice Garber

Senior Partner & Founder, Garber & Co

Juan Daniel Rodriguez Cardoso

Partner, Rodríguez Rueda, S.C.

Jose Maria Allonca

Lawyer & Founding Partner, Allonca Abogados

Paul Heyburn

Litigator, MehaffyWeber

Gerald Frapech

Founding Lawyer, Jurco Avocats

Chip Wagar

Founding Partner, Wagar Hickman, LLC

Peter Doraisamy

Managing Partner, PDLegal LLC

Daniela Cattò

Senior Associate, Paoletti Law Group

Lisa Theng

Managing Partner, CNPLaw LLP

Ken Chia

Partner, CNPLaw LLP

Min-Li Tan

Partner, CNPLaw LLP

Gábor Horváth

Senior Attorney at Law, Kapolyi Law Firm

Alvaro Hurtado Bocaletti

Founder, LegalPlus

Héctor Torres

Partner, Torres Legal

Dr. Benno A. Packi

Attorney at Law, adesse anwälte

Gustavo Molina Valdivia

Partner – Director, GMOLINA

Mauricio Duarte

Partner, LegalPlus

Luis Domínguez

Senior Business Partner, Torres Legal

Kevin Neary

Partner, The Law Group

Andrea Quezada

Senior Associate, GMOLINA

Jaime E. Sánchez R

Partner, Quijano & Associates

Daniel Walker

Partner, Voisin Law

Ingvild Ombudstvedt

Founder, IOM Law

Nana Asamoah Tannor

Associate | Head of IP & Technology Department | BDM, Abayo & Co. Advocates Ltd

Svetlana Kamyshanskaya

Founder, Primum Law

Tomasz Dulewski

Founder, Dulewski Sikora

Fernando Nabais da Furriela

Founding Partner, Furriela Advogados

Anthony O. Maceira Zayas

Founding Member, MZLS

Rebecca Hurst

Managing Partner, Smith Hurst PLC

Dr Judyta Latymowicz


Philip Lopatka

Lawyer, Lopatka Law

John Hogan

Head of Real Estate, Leman Solicitors

To Xuan Tinh (Mr.)

Managing Partner, TND Legal

Vo Huu Tu (Mr.)

Partner, TND Legal

Nguyen Quoc Bao (Mr.)

Senior Associate, TND Legal

Fanny Mahoney

Partner, Fajara Chambers

Ann Rivington

Partner, Fajara Chambers

Malick F. M’bai

Partner, Fajara Chambers

Hanneke Later-Nijland

Partner, Genome Lawyers

Juan Manuel Cáceres

Founding Partner, Caceres Torres

Steve Oster

Senior Counsel, ShawnCoulson

Ivan Dilly

Chief Legal Officer & Founder, Ivan Dilly

Cameron McBride

Senior Counsel, ShawnCoulson

Lakshman Shankar

Partner, Head – Indian Desk, PDLegal LLC

Christopher H. Johnson

Managing Attorney, Al-Sharif Law Firm

Uthaman K

Partner, FA & U Auditing

Tomy Manuel

Partner, FA & U Auditing

Michael A. Thomason Jr.

Partner, Bradley

Samuel L. Linnet, Esq.

Partner, Alturas Law Group

Konrad Stolarski

Attorney-at-law, FinTaxLegal

Zbigniew Długosz

Attorney-at-law, FinTaxLegal

Alexander Gebhard

Of Counsel, LawFed BRSA

Mattias Larsson

Partner, FYLGIA

Howard Stempler

Partner, Seder Law

Martin Williams

Managing Director, EBS