Grupo Consultor EFE™

Drowning In Your Firm’s Operations?

It’s Time To Elevate.

The Entrepreneurial Operating System allowed me to grow my firm from a local team of 12 in Mexico to a firm of over 200 people with offices in 7 countries in only 4 years.”

– Adrián J. Romero, CEO of Grupo Consultor EFE.

New law firms appear daily around the world. In the professional services industry, “knowing” is no longer enough.

As a consulting attorney, you need to structure your firm in such a way that allows you to continue growing.

You will not grow if you’re tied to the operation, constantly putting out fires, and dealing with the same problems all the time!

The main thing your firm, as well as any business, is lacking is called TRACTION!

What am I referring to? The discipline and structure that generates results.