Technology, Media & Telecommunications (TMT)

Our TMT group has member firms in 40+ jurisdictions around the world.

Technology, media and telecommunications law (TMT) deals with the contractual and legal/regulatory implications of new and emerging technologies, and their application across multiple platforms, including print, television and video, the internet and mobile devices.

The phenomenal growth of the internet and cutting-edge next-generation technologies means that the TMT sector is continually growing and developing. As the world continues to move onto the internet in ever greater waves, this sector will only continue to expand.

Why Use an IR Global TMT Member?

TMT is the area of law that is arguably undergoing the biggest boom and our TMT members are at the forefront of the sector,

Our members combine extensive legal knowledge and experience with a comprehensive understanding of the TMT market alongside the regulatory and political factors that can influence business decisions. They have deep expertise with both disruptive technologies and the more traditional technologies that support today’s digital economy.

For this reason, the IR TMT Group is fast becoming the ‘go to’ global alternative for international businesses and individuals with complex or sensitive TMT issues. Get in touch and see how are members can help you.

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