MENA Forum

The MENA Forum is a platform that focuses on connectivity and cooperation among countries with interests in the Middle East and North Africa.

The forum helps those doing business in the region with all legal, financial and transaction support they may need. This is thanks to a strong emphasis on client driven service which is further supported by a deep understanding of the cultural issues and dynamics of the respective marketplaces.

In addition, as part of IR’s 1000+ members worldwide, the Middle Eastern members are perfectly positioned to assist clients with their global strategy and all their international needs.

The MENA forum is a platform that focuses on connectivity and cooperation among countries with interests in Middle East and North African regions. The forum helps those doing business in MENA thanks to a strong emphasis on understanding the cultural issues and needs on both in/out-bound work. The value offered by our MENA professional services network to the business community is unrivalled.

Members have close cooperation and work together from all over the globe to development business opportunities for the client.

Functions of the MENA Forum

  • Information exchange between members.
  • Business Cooperation between firms and jurisdictions.
  • Explore the full potential of businesses through a think tank of experts.
  • Marketing within the Middle Eastern markets and accompanying events.
  • Promotion of the MENA region to international businesses / investors.

If any member or user wishes to discuss MENA related topics/business, then please feel free to contact the committee directly. You can obtain their contacts details, by clicking on their individual profiles.

Steering Committee

Wissam Abousleiman

Managing Director, Abousleiman & Co

Thomas Paoletti

Founder & Managing Partner, Paoletti Law Group

Zihni Bilgehan

Senior Partner, Ersoy Bilgehan

Prof. Laurent Marlière

President & CEO., ISFIN

Search members within this group:

Howard Colman

Managing Partner, Colman Coyle

Seema Jhingan

Partner, LexCounsel

Dunstan Magro

Managing Partner, WDM International

William Spiteri Bailey

Partner, RSM Malta

Thomas Paoletti

Founder & Managing Partner, Paoletti Law Group

Zihni Bilgehan

Senior Partner, Ersoy Bilgehan

Gamal Abou Ali

Senior Associate, Hassouna & Abou Ali

Shailendra Swarup

Partner, Swarup & Company

Bindu Saxena

Partner, Swarup & Company

Stelios Americanos

Managing Partner Advocate-Corporate and Commercial, Stelios Americanos & Co LLC

Nicolette Spiteri Bailey

Partner, Aequitas Legal

Georg Sapiano

Partner, Aequitas Legal

Andria Andreou

Partner, Athos Group

Dler Saber

Founder and Director, Dler Law Office

Panayiotis Damianou

Managing Director, PD Audit

Kartik Nayar

Managing Partner, KN Legal

Cemil Baha ÖZALP

Partner, OZALP

John Bonello

Partner, 8 Point Law

Stella Strati

Deputy CEO, Pagecorp Group

Sudhir Mishra

Managing Partner, Trust Legal

Giridas Divakaran

Managing Director, SPK Auditors & Accountants

Peter Gray

, ADG Legal

Mohammed Al Dahbashi

Managing Partner, ADG Legal

Manoj Kumar

Executive Director, SPK Auditors & Accountants


Managing Partner, Diri Legal

Ahmed Al Kotby

Partner, ADG Legal

Alfred Strolla

Founder and CEO, STROLLA

Mahadi Osman

Tax and ICV Services Leader, STROLLA

Faizan Kamal

Director Operations, STROLLA

Uday Ved

Partner, KNAV

Amitabh Khemka

Partner, KNAV

Daniela Cattò

Senior Associate, Paoletti Law Group

Mohamed Habib Landoulsi

Managing Partner, C.C.F-AUDIT

Mohamed Ben Rhouma

Partner, C.C.F-AUDIT

Elçin Karatay

Managing Partner, Solak & Partners

Ali Yurtsever

Founding Partner, ASY Legal

Emir Aksoy

Partner, ASY Legal

Sharad Kohli

Managing Director, KCC Group

(Dr.) Timothy Zammit

Partner, RSM Malta

Prashant Mara

Managing Partner, BTG Legal

Manishi Pathak

Founding Partner, Anhad Law

Mohamed Badr

Founder & Executive Partner, A&B Consultants: Mohamed Badr & Partners

Christopher H. Johnson

Managing Attorney, Al-Sharif Law Firm

Uthaman K

Partner, FA & U Auditing

Tomy Manuel

Partner, FA & U Auditing

Ceyda Akbal Schwimann

Partner, IAS Partners

Xerxes Antia

Partner, BTG Legal

Arjun Paleri

Partner, BTG Legal