Members of our Cross-Border Employment Group are featured on an exclusive basis by jurisdiction and field of expertise. Thus, ensuring you can source the most skilled employment law adviser to meet your requirements.

About the IR Global Employment Law Group

With member firms from 40+ jurisdictions around the world, our International Employment Law Network offers serious cross border support. Each member is carefully vetted on their firm’s expertise and experience. Members are experts in employment / labour law in their relevant jurisdiction and are not just content to be part of the industry but aspire to lead through innovation.

Our Employment Group members offer a full global service offering including: workforce structuring & outsourcing; employment law and global governance compliance; pensions and rewards; protecting business assets; employment litigation, dispute resolution, diversity and employee relations.

Why Use an IR Global Employment Member?

Globalisation means that employment matters often arise across multiple jurisdictions. We are able to cross borders and work as a team to ensure that each issue is handled efficiently in accordance with the laws of each relevant country. Employment issues have many facets from engaging and retaining employees to dismissals and various disputes which inevitably arise. IR Global is unique in that we offer both corporate advice but some of our members also act for employees and we are able to further assist employees through our strategic partnership with LINEE. For this reason, the IR Employment Group is fast becoming the ‘go to’ global alternative for international businesses and individuals with complex or sensitive employment law issues. Get in touch and see how we can help you!

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