Via the search function below, you are able to find IR Global members who are able to support businesses, investors and high net worth individuals in the Asia / Pacific region with their international advisory requirements. Each vetted to ensure they have the highest capabilities and ability to service all requirements.

About the IR Asia/Pacific Forum

The Asia/Pacific Forum is a platform that focuses on connectivity and cooperation among countries with interests in Asia and across the Pacific. The forum helps those doing business in Asia and the Pacific thanks to a strong emphasis on understanding the cultural issues and needs on both in/out-bound work. The value offered by our Asian professional services network to the business community is unrivalled.

Members have close cooperation and work together from all over the globe to development business opportunities for the client.

Functions of the Asia/Pacific Forum

  • Information exchange between members

  • Business Cooperation between firms and jurisdictions

  • Explore the full potential of businesses through a think tank of experts

  • Promotion within the Asian markets and accompanying events

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