The International Accountancy group has member firms in 60+ jurisdictions around the world.

Each member is carefully vetted on their firm’s expertise and experience. Members who are not just content to be part of the industry but to lead through innovation. Above all else, our members are proud to hold the highest ethical standards as part of IR Global’s cross border accountancy network.

Our cross-border accountancy network offers a full global service offering, including audit & assurance, company accounts, payroll, tax, transaction support and strategic development advice.

Why Use an IR Global Accountancy Member?

Business today is truly international and every business needs access to a network of global advisers, to handle a wide variety of different issues. Within IR there is fantastic global representation for accounting services, furthermore though a global network of lawyers in 150+ countries.

Both IR accountants and lawyers work side by side to create the very best client solutions, this means no matter what accounting requirements you have or potential problems you face. You can be assured of the very best specialist advice by a global accounting network of people who have strong working relationships.

For this reason, the IR Global Accountancy Group is fast becoming the ‘go to’ global alternative for international businesses. Get in touch and see how we can help you!

Steering Committee

William Spiteri Bailey

Partner, RSM Malta


Founding Partner, CCK Strategies, PLLC

Search members within this group:

Isabella Bertani, BBA, FCPA, FCA, MBA

Founder and Chief Client Strategist, BERTANI

Dunstan Magro

Managing Partner, WDM International

William Spiteri Bailey

Partner, RSM Malta

Marc Bastiaansen

Partner, HMB Accountants

Florian Diener

Managing Partner, Diener Advisory

Abdulwahid Aboo. FCPA, FCCA, FCPS, CPAR and CPAU

Managing Partner, AAC Kenya

Damien Malone

Founder and Managing Partner, Malone & Co

Carlos Picos

Partner, Carlos Picos Consultora

Dr. jur Gerd Förster, PhD, CPA

Managing Partner, Confidor

Yves Lecot

General Manager, Comptafid Benelux NV

Pawel Brejzek

Partner, BPG Group

Jacqueline Chan

Director, JCPartners PAC

Marcelo Paredes Ferrari

Accountant, Carlos Picos Consultora

Bradley Smith ATP, CMAA

Managing Director/ Partner, Vertess

Dave Sheppard

Principal, MedWorld Advisors

Ian See

Partner, Ian See & Co

Nicolette Spiteri Bailey

Partner, Aequitas Legal

Georg Sapiano

Partner, Aequitas Legal

Richard Wortmann, CPA, DABFA

Founding Partner, RW Group LLC

Zulfiquarali Aboo. FCCA and CPA (K)

Partner, AAC Kenya

Florence Black

Founder, MedWorld Advisors

Juan Pablo Pastorini

Accountant, Carlos Picos Consultora

Dr Felix Hammerschmidt

Accountants and tax advisers, Interexpert

Robert Bron

Owner & founder, ABiLiTieS Trust

Karel Nijs

Partner, Finvision

Panayiotis Damianou

Managing Director, PD Audit

Jeremy Levi

Partner, Jeremy Levi CPA

Miroslav Lisjak, MSc

Partner, Alias Consulting

Rajani Raj Acharya

Partner, SDR Associates

Shesh Mani Dahal

Partner, SDR Associates

Thierry Stas

Partner, Maprima

Fabio Gasperoni

Partner, Maprima

Dimitrios Mandilaras

Partner, ARGO Audit Ltd

Rifaath Jaleel

Managing Partner, MHPA LLP

Ralitsa Pancheva Popova


Ingrid Petersson

Authorized Public Accountant FAR / CEO, Cederblad & Co

Giridas Divakaran

Managing Director, SPK Auditors & Accountants

Manoj Kumar

Executive Director, SPK Auditors & Accountants

Juan Pablo Corona Rivera


Joris Lambrechts

Manager, Finvision

John Woo

Partner, AG Singapore

Didier Kabwela

Partner, DEL Partners

Alain Girard

Partner, FIDAG

Alfred Strolla

Founder and CEO, STROLLA

Mahadi Osman

Tax and ICV Services Leader, STROLLA

Faizan Kamal

Director Operations, STROLLA

Paul Urrutia Subinas

Partner, LEIALTA

Javier Martinez

Partner, LEIALTA

Emmanuel Rosec

Partner, Agilita

Miguel Torres Ruiz

Partner, AL Partners

Martha Stella Polo

Partner, AL Partners

Kook Hee Lee

Partner CPA, Samhwa Accounting

Felipe Larenas

Managing Partner, Alva Consultores

Jason Lee

Managing Director,

Chin Ee Lin

Director, MYBA

Rachel Boynton

Managing Director, Vertess

David Kim

CPA, Sejong

Joey Yoon

CPA, Sejong

Seres Baum

Strategic Advisor, Grupo Work

Mohamed Habib Landoulsi

Managing Partner, C.C.F-AUDIT

Mohamed Ben Rhouma

Partner, C.C.F-AUDIT

Sharad Kohli

Managing Director, KCC Group

Gerard de Gooijer MSc RA

Partner, HLG

Yaw Bamfo-Debrah (CA (GH), ACMA, CGMA, MSc, BBA)

Partner, Jacob Arthur Accounting Services

Jonas A. AYI ACA, CA, MIIA, M.Sc.

CEO and Founder, JSA Consulting

Mohamed Badr

Founder & Executive Partner, A&B Consultants: Mohamed Badr & Partners

Sousana Patsoumi Kalfa

Chief Business & Value Officer, Atlas Consulting PC

Kjetil Molund

Senior Advisor / ass. Academic Director, Tandem

Tamás Kovács

Partner, Managing Director, BPiON

Bledar Korkaj

Partner, ZLA Consulting