Working Groups

IR has a strong focus on practice area expertise and regional knowledge, ensuring clients get the very best advice, no matter how niche the requirement.

Within the network there are 20 working groups, each headed by a steering committee of experienced member firms, which fall under the following three group categories:

Recent Publications

Exposing the Truth:

What the EU Whistleblower Directive means for global business

Speaking Out: What impact will the EU whistleblowing law have on business transparency? In the past few years, demands have been growing around the world for more accountability by businesses […]

New Horizons:

How external counsel can help you explore and secure market entry opportunities

IR Global members offer jurisdiction-specific advice on how external counsel can help you explore & secure market entry opportunities.  The global Covid-19 pandemic may not be over, but business leaders […]

IR Global Insights:

Working smart, surviving and thriving

When Covid-19 first surged across continents, most companies had to mothball projects, downsize and quickly review their costs, supply chains, sales strategy and customer relationships. US-based Danny Cortenraede, managing partner […]

International Trade:

Global and regional trade in the post pandemic

Global Trade: Combating protectionism and the pandemic The past 18 months were a huge shock to international trade as increasing protectionism and Covid-19 wrought havoc with all previous forecasts and […]