Sinchi Artwork Raffle

IR Global & Sinchi: working to make a difference

Win this stunning piece of art for your home or office:

The unique work below by artist Paolo lo Pinto currently resides in the IR Global offices as part of our SINCHI exhibition. We are pleased to share that we will be raffling off the piece with the winner being announced during the upcoming IR annual conference in Barcelona (22nd – 25th October 2022) as part of our closing session.

You can donate an amount of your choosing via the form on this page which will become your raffle ticket.

We will package and post the artwork to the winner at no additional cost.

“The warm light of the Burmese sunset, the face of a child colored by the Thanaka, two wonderful eyes … the recipe for a magical moment.”

Paolo lo Pinto

I was waiting for the train that would take me back to Yangon, tired and sleepy i was sitting on a crumbling bench when suddenly my gaze was captured by this wonderful girl who was waiting for the train with her mother. She had two magnetic eyes made even more unique by Thanaka’s doused face. The Thanaka is a yellowish-white cosmetic paste made from ground bark. It is a distinctive feature of the culture of Myanmar applied by women and girls to the face and sometimes to arms. Next to her there was her lunch box and an her favorite games that she was bringing to school.

When I approach her offering candies her face lit up and she start smiling and hiding behind her Mom’s dress. She was also intrigued by my camera so I asked her Mom if I could take a picture of her in order to show her how the camera works. Her face, the warm light filtered from the roof of the station created a fantastic portrait so much to excite me every time I looked at it. I showed them the picture and their faces were pervaded with amazement never seen before.

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