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Social Media

IR Global is the market leader in social media for the professional services networking sector. We recognised in 2010 when IR was formed that this would become one of the most important marketing channels for advisors and invested significant time and resource into developing what has proven to be an incredibly successful strategy.

For a small monthly fee, our internal team can manage your platforms to ensure your content reaches your target audience. This enables you to gain a substantial following, stay ahead of your competitors and deliver your content to the global business community.

The IR Method

We have an internal team of experts who can advise, assist and manage your platforms to ensure your content reaches your target audience. This enables you to gain a substantial following, stay ahead of your competitors and deliver your content to the global business community.

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Web & Design Services

Part of IR’s success can be attributed to our positioning via branding and emphasis on creating quality marketing materials. You only have one chance to give a first impression, whether that be via your business card, website or firm brochure. In an competitive market, it is essential that your brand stands out, creates trust and gives confidence to prospective clients.

The IR Method

Design Services

We offer an array of services from business card and brochure design to complete rebranding. We utilise our knowledge of the professional services sector and the skills of long term strategic partners to fit your brief, whilst ensuring that your marketing content stays on-brand and that you have a constant look and feel across all of your promotional materials.

Web Services

IR can also offer web design and development services. Your website if the first port of call for the vast majority of clients and it is vitally important this is user friendly and creates a good first impression. Whether we work with you to improve your existing website and ensuring its is mobile compatible to developing a completely new website. We can assure the highest quality standards at an affordable rate.

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Editorial Services

Would you like your web content reviewed by a professional editor? Perhaps you are considering a thought leadership program to showcase your expertise? We work exclusively with Nick Yates, Principal Consultant at Scribere, to offer a full range of editorial services to our members. Nick has edited a leading professional services magazine and held senior communications roles in two major investment banks.

The IR Method


Your website represents your business and the quality of its content reflects directly on your professional standards. If English isn’t your first language, we can review your site for grammar and readability, ensuring your content is first class.

IR Featured Interview

What makes your firm stand out from the crowd? Our professional journalists can pinpoint your strengths in a succinct article. This will be featured on IR’s web page, newsletter and shared with our social media followers around the world. Furthermore, you retain full copyright, so it can be used in future marketing efforts.

Virtual Series Publication

This is a great way to position your firm as a leading authority in your market place. We invite IR members from around the world to collaborate on by joining a webinar / conference call which is then recorded and the professional written up and designed and distributed. This is an effective way to build stronger relationships in the network and benefit from the global marketing reach of IR and exposure in different jurisdictions from each other.

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Firm Management Services

Every firm whether a start-up or at point of sale, experience different firm management issues. Sometimes an outside perspective is needed to help move the firm to the next stage of its development. Through carefully chosen partners, we offer specialist consultancy to the professional services sector, encompassing legal, accountancy and other advisory services.

The IR Method

Strategy & Governance

A strategy comprises a number of coherent actions designed to ensure a firm is competitive within its chosen market position. A strategic objective identifies the desired market position.

Operations & Profitability

There is a strong, direct correlation between strategic and organisational development within professional services firms. Sometimes a competitive strategy cannot be developed until some aspects of the organisation and its processes are addressed.

Performance Management & Renumeration

Within our genuine methodology of law firm strategy implementation, performance management of Partners is the paramount process evolving from firm’s strategic and business unit plans.

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M&A Cyber Risk

Lawyers and Accountants are acutely aware of their vulnerability to cyber attacks and security lapses. These attacks can be directly damaging to their businesses and reputation, but can also raise legal and regulatory issues that need to be anticipated and addressed. Increasingly, professional services are subject to express obligations to keep data secure and to inform affected clients in the case of a breach.

The IR Method

We have teamed up with eosedge Legal and its eosCyber™ Alliance partners to offer a cyber security risk assessment for our members who require assistance. The purpose of which is to:

  • Assess your level of preparedness for a cyber attack
  • Perform a due diligence review of your cyber defences
  • Ascertain your areas of highest risk
  • Gain insight into attack motivations and methods
  • Gauge the appropriate level of investment in cybersecurity
  • Identify clear actions to improve your cybersecurity posture
  • Reduce risk of litigation through cloaking and information sharing

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