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Thomas Wheeler


What is your background and role in IR?

I spent 10 years working in the professional services marketing arena with many of the world’s leading advisory firms and networks. During this period, I gained a deep understanding of the sector and these insights led to the formation of IR Global.

I am the Founder and based in Amsterdam. My main focus is on the strategic development of the group, implementing new initiatives and coordinating the various committees.

What have been your highlights since joining IR?

As founder, I’ve been here since the start so there are too many to mention. However, I think the main ones must be creating our first event back in 2012 - it was incredibly daunting at the time - with no expertise in this area and planning an event from scratch but a few years on, we are now providing some of the best event experiences in the industry (Don’t just take my word for it, check out the IR YouTube channel).

And what are your passions outside of the office?

I am the founder of Sinchi, a non-profit, which focuses on indigenous rights and the preservation of culture. This takes up much of my time but is also very rewarding, I truly believe that we need to listen to the knowledge of the elders and ensure that we protect the earth for future generations.

I also founded a creative collective of the same name which includes a variety of different types of musicians and artists. We release music, host events, run a popular blog and are involved in various other activities.

Finally tell us something unique about yourself?

I’m fond of an adventure… over the last few years, this has led me to deep in the Amazon working with plant medicines, trekking solo across Greenland and most recently spending time with remote communities in Tiwi Islands, Australia. I find it's a great way to reset and I’m always feel full of energy, ideas and motivation when I return.