Capture - IR Global

Rebecca Benbow

Office Manager

What is your background and role in IR?

I am the Office Manager and have previously been a Client Manager within IR for several years. My main role is to develop relationships and communication with IR members and promote referrals globally. I assist members with developing marketing plans and strategies and also work alongside our Social Media team and Events Teams to promote and develop our global events.

What have been your highlights since joining IR?

Organising IR Global events has been a real passion as I really enjoy meeting members at our conferences - it’s lovely to interact on a face to face level. On a personal note, I also enjoy hearing about the referrals, meetings and general correspondence our members have as it truly shows our network is not only forward thinking and growing, but also working for each and every member that is within the IR group.

And what are your passions outside of the office?

Out of the office I write for many online and printed publications. Writing is a true passion of mine alongside illustration which I hope one day will allow me to produce a book series.

Finally tell us something unique about yourself?

I am passionate about wildlife conservation particularly endangered species and have run in many a competitive fun run and a marathon for the WWF. I also have a huge adoration of classic horror movies and the cinematography of the genre.