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Elliot Sayers

Client Manager

What is your background and role in IR?

I am a part of the IR Global Client Manager team. I work with the members within the group to assist in developing new cross-border relationships with their fellow IR members. Many members view their client manager as an extension of their own office, as it is our role to help develop marketing plans and strategies with the shared goal of growing their business.

What have been your highlights since joining IR?

My highlights since joining IR has to be hearing the fantastic feedback from our members. There is great satisfaction to be had in knowing we are helping our members expand their reach, whilst at the same time growing our group. Also being part of such a friendly, like-minded team and network is very rewarding.

And what are your passions outside of the office?

My passion is my family (including of course my German shepherd Merlin). I am also a music fanatic with a very eclectic taste.

Finally tell us something unique about yourself?

I play the ukulele and I love ketchup, I have it on everything!