Boutique and medium sized professional services firms are experiencing many of the same challenges with regard to retaining their best individuals. One of the key issues, is the ability to compete with larger international firms in providing personal & career development opportunities. To combat this, we have developed the IR Rising Stars Programme, which provides the next generation of leaders in your firm the opportunity to get involved in cross border work, learn more about doing business in other countries and benefit from being able to travel, attend events and start growing their own network.


  • Shows international opportunities to the individual(s) comparable with working in an international professional services firm.
  • Provides recognition to the individual Rising Star. An added accreditation and prestige of being in a global network.
  • An opportunity for the Rising Stars in your firm to start developing their own international network.
  • Provides additional support for your IR Global membership so that you can share network responsibilities; from event attendance to communication with other IR members.
  • Increases your networking activity, reach and presence within the group. Plus provides continuity for the future of the firm if you need to step aside for any reason.
  • An opportunity for Rising Stars to learn from other IR members, business leaders and expert speakers around the world at IR Global events.
  • Increase cultural understanding by working with existing IR members.


  • Participants will benefit from membership of the network, with their own profile page and logo linked to their respective firm.
  • Event tickets will be offered at a 15% discount at the annual conference. At which, there will be a Rising Stars programme to support their development.
  • New members will receive an introductory call with their client manager, highlighting how they can utilise the group and the various tools available.
  • Secondment programme in which Rising Stars members can gain work experience at other firms and learn about different cultures and practices.
  • Mentorship programme, in which Rising Stars can be connected with industry leaders in other countries to help in their development.