Capture - IR Global

Zoe Berrisford

Lead Designer

What is your background and role in IR?

In IR Global it is my role as the Marketing Design Co-ordinator to help create, design and manage the marketing and design materials for IR Global. Prior to this, I worked as a Graphic Designer for over 5 years, as well as a Creative Artworker, working with print and digital media.

What have been your highlights since joining IR?

I am excited to be the newest member of the IR Team and I am looking forward to establishing new relationships here with everyone. Moving forward I am excited to take on new and exciting challenges (pushing my creativity barriers) and learning everything about the IR Global world.

And what are your passions outside of the office?

I am a very keen beauty enthusiast, who owns an unhealthy amount of make-up, with over 40+ different lipsticks and over 22 different types of eyeliner; winged eyeliner all day, every day! - I am also slightly obsessed with anything Banana flavoured.

Finally tell us something unique about yourself?

I have an intense phobia of Octopi.