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Liam Shewring

Client Manager

What is your background and role in IR?

I left University with a degree in Events Management, however, since then I have predominantly been in sales. I joined IR Global in October 2018 as a Client Manager. Being the new guy, I am very much looking forward to interacting with the members of IR, getting to know my new colleagues, and generally learning as much as I possibly can.

What have been your highlights since joining IR?

I would say the people I work with have been the biggest highlight so far, I can tell already that they are a great team. As previously mentioned, I am looking forward to getting to know the members of IR, and working closely with them in the future.

And what are your passions outside of the office?

I am a big sports fan, in particular, football (both American & Soccer). I am a Carolina Panthers fan for the NFL, and an Aston Villa fan for soccer, so a range of emotions are experienced with both of those teams. I spend my weekends watching the NFL, I usually have dual screens (Panthers game on one screen and NFL Redzone on the other), and Aston Villa whenever they are on the TV. I am also in two different fantasy leagues, one for the EPL and one for the NFL. I won my EPL Fantasy League last year (17-18), so I’m aiming to retain my crown this year. In regards to my NFL Fantasy League, I was fortunate to win it (18-19 season), with a little help from Andrew Luck of the Indianapolis Colts, on the final game of the regular season.

 Outside of sports, I love spending time in pubs (who doesn’t right?), finding new and wonderful restaurants, and spending time socialising with my girlfriend and friends.

Finally tell us something unique about yourself?

Whilst it’s not particularly unique, I am a big adrenaline junkie for rollercoasters. The more terrifying they are, the better. I visit Alton Towers/Thorpe Park 10+ times a year, and have been to Orlando 3 times to experience all the parks on offer there. My favourite ride is a split between The Smiler (Alton Towers), Mako (SeaWorld Orlando) & Falcons Fury (Busch Gardens). My aim in life is to travel the world visiting theme parks, and vlogging for each of them with one of my best mates.

My ultimate goal in life as well is to Sky Dive. As crazy as it sounds, I’d love to get to a point where I can jump out of a plane without a parachute and have someone jump behind me with the aim of catching/securing me.