Tips for Setting Successful Employment Practices in 2020

Published 31 January 2020 by Offit│Kurman

The new year means new chances. For us as people, but also for our organizations and businesses. Seizing the opportunity, however, can be difficult when businesses are confronted with everyday demands. The tips below provide simple steps that can be taken in 2020 to minimize risk in your employment practices with minimal effort.

1. Update your policies to reflect new laws.

Several new federal and many local state laws took effect in 2020, including overtime and minimum wage requirements. Updating your policies early in the year means less potential penalties as the year moves forward.

2. Put your 2020 trainings on the books.

Trainings on commonplace employee concerns such as harassment, wage and hour issues, and performance management should be done at least annually. Carve out time in the first few months of the year to meet with staff and managers to set the right tone and minimize issues down the road.

3. Close out loose ends from 2019. 

2019 undoubtedly brought some challenges to every business or organization. Some may have came in the form of new requirements – such as the D.C. Universal Paid Leave Act – that came into effect. Sit down to verify that your outstanding obligations from 2019 are formerly tied up so that you can fully concentrate on efforts in 2020.

Feel free to reach out to me to discuss your organization’s training and policies from an employment law perspective.

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