IR Global Member Meeting - Lionel Paraire meets Ruggero Rubino-Sammartano

Published 30 January 2020 by Galion

Lionel Paraire of Galion recently met Ruggero Rubino-Sammartano for lunch in Paris. Lionel is IR Global's exclusive Employment Law (Corporate) member in France, whilst Ruggero is IR Global's exclusive Commercial Arbitration member in Italy. 

Lionel had the following to say about this meeting: "Great pleasure to have lunch with Ruggero Rubino Sammartano, a good friend from IR Global, today in Paris! Look forward to seeing you again soon"

Ruggero & Lionel

If you are travelling and would like the opportunity to meet fellow IR members, please reach out to your Client Managers (Liam Shewring, Charlotte Weeds, Lauren Morgan) who will be able to help facilitate an introduction.

We appreciate it when members send photos of their trips, so if you have any you would like to share then please share them with the respective Client Managers above.