IR Digital Podcast - Fintech - How Fintech is Modernizing Traditional Financial Services

Published 24 January 2019 by Friedemann Goldberg LLP

IR Digital Podcast host Jennifer Riggins speaks with John Friedemann, Partner of Friedemann Goldberg LLP in California -

John specializes in banking, business, entertainment and real estate law, both litigation and transactional, and has extensive expertise in matters involving fraud.

John and Jennifer offer an overview of the following areas;

1. What is Fintech? 
2. How are the traditional banks staying competitive in the Financial Services industry? 
3. We address the risk areas and fraud protection regulations concerning Fintech
4. What new regulations should you be aware of as a business and consumer?
5. And finally, John comments on the cryptocurrency and blockchain revolution

For more information on Fintech and how John and the Friedemann Goldberg team can help you, please contact John directly on or visit the Friedemann Goldberg website -

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