Shelley Brown of Steinberg Title Hope & Israel LLP Features On The Nancy Duffy Show

Published 05 November 2019 by Steinberg Title Hope & Israel LLP

Exploring Workers’ Rights and Employer Challenges under the Shifting Nature of Work

“Everything now is expanding… We’re in a brave new world in terms of these new elements coming into focus that are challenging employees, employers, independent contractors and the courts” – Shelley Brown

About Shelley Brown, B.C.L., L.L.B., L.L.M

Shelley Brown is a Toronto-based lawyer and a member of the Steinberg, Hope, Title & Israel Law Firm specializing in employment law, wrongful and constructive dismissal. He has worked as a legal advocate for individuals affected by employment and human rights issues for over thirty years.

Show Notes

"During this episode, we talk with employment lawyer, Shelley Brown, about the relationship between workers (direct employees and those on contract) and the companies they work for. Listen in as we discuss the perils of out-of-date work contracts in the face of the ever-changing social and workplace landscapes. We’ll dive into matters regarding rights, privacy, and the latest concerns about cannabis."