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  • Poland
bł. Ładysława z Gielniowa 14 st.
Warsaw 02-066 Poland

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He graduated with honors from the Department of Law and Administration at Warsaw University in 2010.

Entered in the list of advocates at the Regional Chamber of Advocates in Warsaw.

His professional interests concentrate around the civil law, commercial law, economic criminal law and the so-called offset issues.He also provides legal counsel to companies from the arms industry.

In his legal practice he participated in the negotiation and implementation of an offset agreement concluded in 2012 between the government of the Republic of Poland and a leading American producer from the arms industry.

Speaks fluent English and French.

Firm Description

We are an independent law firm which for several years now has been providing complex legal advisory services to Polish and foreign leading companies operating in different lines of business and economic sectors. We provide legal services for Polish and foreign corporate clients, financial institutions and public administration bodies (state and local government).

Our Law Firm is a team of experienced lawyers - specialists in different fields providing a services at the highest level. They have knowledge of the specificity of operations, problems and legal aspects of individual sectors of economy, which allows them to properly apply legal solutions to achieve the intended objectives.

We are flexible both in terms of solutions that we propose and our remuneration while we cooperate with our Clients.



Our main field of expertise is providing legal advice  to  companies operating  in the sector of defence. We provide legal services in the field of among others: drafting and negotiating commercial contracts, technology transfer, intellectual property rights protection as well as obtaining permits, licenses and concessions.  We have  gained our experience while working for

leading Polish, American and others foreign companies operating in the military  industry.

We advise companies operating in the aviation industry. We offer a broad range of legal services including: air carriers, airports, airport management entities, aircraft and aircraft part manufacturers and personnel licensing. We also advise on matters of aviation finance.


We offer legal services  to our Clients in new technologies including electronic media, IT, personal data and telecommunication law. We offer also legal support in all areas associated with intellectual property. We focus primarily on advising at the conclusion of complex commercial contracts.


We provide legal advice to entities operating in the sector of  liquid fuels and chemicals logistics.  We advise in particular in the field of legal issues related to the production and storage of fuels.


Our Law Firm specializes in complex legal services related to real estate, construction law and investment processes in construction industry.


Comprehensive legal advice and assistance provided by our Law Firm in the sector of Transport, Shipping and Logistics includes: drafting legal opinions, drafting and negotiating contracts, rules and regulations related to domestic and international transportation of goods as well as legal advice in the field of public procurement and tendering in the sector of  TSL. We represent Clients in conciliatory, arbitration, judicial, administrative, enforcement proceedings before common courts, public institutions.



Our Law Firm provides assistance and consulting services in criminal business cases. The Team's activity focuses on representing Clients in all types and at all stages of prosecutorial and court proceedings concerning frauds and economic crimes leading to expose business entities to losses. We represent Clients in criminal and civil proceedings related to “white collar crimes”, “corporate crimes”, “money laundering” and “anti-corruption”. We are specialist in the implementation of compliance programs; procedures to prevent and minimizer   regularities and fraud in business.

We have extensive experience in damage compensation and recovery of defrauded assets both in the Republic of Poland and abroad.


We specialize in complex legal services related to negotiation as well as litigation and disputes. Our services in respect of court and arbitration disputes include preparatory activities, drafting statements of claims and other pleadings, verification of evidence and attending court hearings and sessions.


We are able to ensure proper and comprehensive legal services to Polish entrepreneurs abroad, and we can render services to foreign entrepreneurs. We have a big experience in rendering corporate services to business entities operating in Poland, including entities with foreign capital. We also help our clients with investments projects, carried out outside Poland. We possess vast experience in providing legal help to foreign investors regarding real estate, construction investment and corporate law. We have experience in providing comprehensive legal services to foreign companies entering the Polish market in the field of choosing the optimal form of doing business, establishing chosen form, preparing and negotiating agreements including investment agreements


We offer legal support in all areas associated with intellectual property. In particular, we provide advice on copyright, industrial property rights, including rights to trademarks, designs and inventions as well as legal regulations related to databases, Internet domains and IT.