Nikoletta Vanezou

Lawyer Markides, Markides & Co

Member Details

  • Cyprus
Markides House 1 Heroes Street
Nicosia P.O. Box 24325 Cyprus

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Nikoletta, graduated from the Law School of the University of Sussex in 2014. She joined Markides, Markides & Co L.L.C shortly after. She fulfilled the required legal training time there, after which she successfully passed the Cyprus Bar Association examination and was accepted as a member in 2015. Nikoletta, mainly works on Intellectual Property cases and is fluent in Greek, English and French. She is currently completing her LLM in European Commercial Law at the University of Cyprus. She regularly attends INTA and ECTA Annual Meetings and currently serves in the Geographical Indications Committee of ECTA.

Firm Description

Established in 1933, Markides, Markides & Co is one of the oldest Law firms in Cyprus

Staying On the Cutting Edge of Progress 

The Firm is characterized by a careful blend of this regard for tradition with an equally important commitment to exploiting the advances in information technology required by today’s worldwide market place. All of our operations are on-line, ensuring the highest levels of efficiency no matter where our clients may be, and we continuously upgrade our systems to remain in the forefront of innovation.


It is the Firm’s strong belief that we must endeavour to achieve the best results for our clients while sparing them as much stress as possible. Both in Cyprus and internationally, our clients depend on all members and staff of the Firm to uphold the highest standards of excellence.

Practise Areas

  • Intellectual Property Law (Trade Marks, Patents, Designs, Domain Names; Copyright; Licensing),
  • Company Law and Overseas Entities
  • Common Law
  • Contract Law Competition Law
  • Trusts
  • Money Tracing,
  • Banking Law
  • Tax Law Arbitration
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Public Law (Administrative Law; Constitutional Law; Human Rights)