A Different Perspective

The group's founding philosophy was based on bringing the best of the advisory community into a sharing economy; a system, which is ethical, sustainable and provides significant added value to the client.

Businesses today require more than just a lawyer or accountant. IR Global is at the forefront of this transition with members connecting clients and offering strategic development support.

We believe the archaic ‘professional service firm' model is dying due to it being insular, expensive and slow. In IR Global, forward thinking clients now have a credible alternative, which is open, cost effective and flexible.

‘IR Global is committed to working with like-minded member firms, clients and strategic partners to make a positive difference in business and society.’

Group Structure

  • Practice Area Exclusivity

    We believe every firm has its own strengths and weaknesses. We therefore work exclusively by practice area, thus ensuring we work with only the very best specialists around the world.

  • Vetting Process

    Criteria is based on both quality of the firm and the character of the individuals within. It's key that all of our members share a common vision towards mutual success.

  • Steering Committees

    10 Management committees oversee best practice and standards for the Accountancy, Commercial, Disputes, Employment, Insolvency, IP, Private Client, Mergers and Acquisitions, Real Estate and Tax groups

  • Events Hosted Around The World Each Year

    Enabling members to meet regularly to develop firm relationships and discuss client opportunities.

  • Special Interest Groups

    Asia/Pacific Forum; Focus on in and outbound opportunities in the Asia / Pacific region.

    Latin American Forum; Group focused on the cooperation of IR members active in Latin American markets.

    Women in Leadership; This group is a platform for female members to meet and share their experiences.

  • Strategic Partnerships

    Strategic partnerships with likeminded companies. Providing added value / benefits for all. See our Partners here.

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