IR ‘On the Road’ Conference, Bangkok March 2023

Save the Date

Save the Date

Due to the ongoing effects of the pandemic we have regretfully made the decision to once again postpone our ‘On the Road’ Bangkok conference which was due to be held from 26th February – 2nd March 2022. However, we have agreed with all venues to host the event again 14th – 18th March 2023 at the same location of the Shangri-La Hotel.  Making this decision again has not been easy for us but we wanted to share with you how we have come to this decision;

Although some of the restrictions around travel to and from Thailand are lifting, many members are still not able to travel, or are hesitant to do so and have expressed this on a recent survey we sent to the group. This feeling was from the majority who completed the survey, therefore meaning it would potentially have a detrimental effect on attendee numbers. 

Lots of members want to attend but will only do so when they feel it is safe to do so. For many, February 2022 has just come too soon and we now feel a potentially smaller event, which could have somewhere between around 50 members would not be of little value to attendees. Once you have factored in travel, time away from your respective offices / families and overall costs and then add in the potential virus risk, we feel it would be not be ethical for us to proceed.

To be transparent we have to have a certain number of attendees to make an event work, or we aren’t showing value to you or for us. As we are sure you can appreciate these events come at a great financial commitment to us, where we have specific guarantees to venues and the hotel in advance of the conference. Effectively we need a minimum number of members to attend in order for the event to be successful for members and for us.

Again, we are deeply saddened to not be able to execute our event and for any unfulfilled expectations this may have caused. However, we are sure you can appreciate circumstances are out of our control and the decision we have made we feel is the right one.

More information will be shared on this event in 2022!

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