IR Global Expat Practice Group Virtual Session

This will be the first meeting for the EGP group.

Friday 11 March 2022, 13.00 hour CET (from behind your desk, about 60 minutes).

Set up of this first TEAMS meeting is as follows,

  • Opening Friday 11 March 2022, 13.00 hour CET
  • Introduction EPG participants/yourself – about 2 minutes per participant
  • Presentation about expats in the Netherlands (permits, tax, social security) 15-30 minutes (team Leo)
  • Questions about the presentation and possible comparison with other countries
  • Possible topics for the next TEAMS event
  • Meeting “live” during a physical IR event/EPG meeting
  • Any other business
  • Closing around 14.00 hour CET

If you are interested joining please email Leo Oudshoorn – ZIRKZEE GROUP [email protected]