Distressed Companies Session

DATE: Thursday 1st July 2021

TIME: 08:00 / 16:00 UK Time

We will open the session with a short 2–3-minute overview of the group objectives and what we will be discussing during each breakout room. These will be hosted by an M&A or Insolvency Committee Member. 8 members per room. 75-90mins maximum full session.

  • As we enter a post Covid business environment with financial support from governments around the world scaling down, what kind of impact do you see this having on your clients, insolvency levels and the market in general?
  • Which sectors in your jurisdiction are you experiencing or expecting to see the most insolvency activity? How do you see these situations evolving?
  • From an investor / purchaser perspective, do you have clients who are already looking at identifying opportunities with the above in mind? Are your clients interested in you bringing them such new opportunities and in what form?
  • Discussion on best practice for sharing such opportunities. (How best to communicate and through what channels, required levels of information at each stage, speed of response needed etc) How do we identify synergies and connect members with interests in different sectors or fields?

This session is part of the new Distressed Companies sub-group that has recently been created. The goal for this group is to create new business development channels for our members to present and promote deals and potential business opportunities that fall into the category of a Distressed Company, as well as facilitating new member introductions and conversation. These opportunities do require the group members to be responsive and open to sharing collaborative ways of working together.

Please email [email protected] if you are interested in joining the session.