Latin American Forum

Dual language English and Spanish group for cooperation in Latin America. Members are featured on an exclusive basis by jurisdiction and field of expertise. Thus ensuring you can source the most skilled adviser to meet your requirements.

Our Latin American Advisor Network has member firms in 35+ jurisdictions around the world who have interests in Latin America. Each member of the cross-border group is carefully vetted on their firm’s expertise and experience. Members are not just content to be part of the industry, they strive to lead it through innovation whilst being proud to hold the highest ethical standards.

The Latin American professional services network offers a complete global service offering that makes doing business in Latin America that much simpler. The array of legal and financial services available range from M&A to handling disputes and also assistance with all tax, accountancy & audit requirements.

Why Use an IR Global Latin American Forum Member?

Expand your global network by working alongside IR members who have clients all over the world with interests in Latin America, so whether you are a business looking for in or outbound opportunities, we can help connect and open doors to other jurisdictions around the world through the largest Latin American Professional Services Network in the world.

Furthermore, our strength lies in our depth of knowledge, understanding of the various culture issues and being dual language. Ensuring we understand exactly what you need and how to help you achieve your objectives.

Steering Committee

Gary E Davidson

Partner, Diaz Reus

Bosco de Gispert Segura

Lawyer, Grupo Gispert

Search members within this group:

Bosco de Gispert Segura

Lawyer, Grupo Gispert

Isabella Bertani, BBA, FCPA, FCA, MBA

Founder and Chief Client Strategist, BERTANI

Lionel Paraire

Partner, Galion

Mercedes Clavell

Of Counsel, Arco Abogados

Shilpen Savani

Partner, gunnercooke llp

Cristina Sánchez Vebber

Partner, Sánchez Devanny

Jean-François Alandry

CEO & Founder, You Are Capital

Carlos Picos

Partner, Carlos Picos Consultora

Dr. jur Gerd Förster, PhD, CPA

Managing Partner, Confidor

Marcelo Paredes Ferrari

Accountant, Carlos Picos Consultora

Bradley Smith ATP, CMAA

Managing Director/ Partner, Vertess

Daniel Jimenez

Founder and Head of Litigation and Arbitration Department, SLJ Abogados

Dr. Alfredo L. Rovira

Founding Partner, Estudio ROVIRA

Liuba Lencova Besheva

Lawyer, Estudio ROVIRA

Adriano Chaves

Partner, CGM Advogados

Martim Machado

Partner, CGM Advogados

Juan Pablo Pastorini

Accountant, Carlos Picos Consultora

Adriana Posada

Partner – Director, A & C Legal

Julio A. Quijano B.

Partner, Quijano & Associates

Luis Alberto Buss Wulff Junior


Omar Le Blanc Soleiro

Partner, Elan Zaak

Carlos Gonzalez

Partner, Elan Zaak

León Felipe Aguilar Jiménez

Partner, CAMYA

Alejandro Castro Angulo

Partner and Managing Director, Union Andina

Juan Pablo Corona Rivera


Paul Urrutia Subinas

Partner, LEIALTA

Javier Martinez

Partner, LEIALTA

Miguel Torres Ruiz

Partner, AL Partners

Martha Stella Polo

Partner, AL Partners

Héctor Torres

Partner, Torres Legal

Gustavo Molina Valdivia

Partner – Director, GMOLINA

Luis Domínguez

Senior Business Partner, Torres Legal

Raquel Santos

Associate, Torres Legal

Andrea Quezada

Senior Associate, GMOLINA

Juan Daniel Rodriguez Cardoso

Partner, Rodríguez Rueda, S.C.

Jose Maria Allonca

Lawyer & Founding Partner, Allonca Abogados

Lizardo Vargas-Revilla

Partner, Valinvest

Nicolás Zaballa

Partner, Estudio ROVIRA

Carla Cabrera

Partner, Valinvest

Alvaro Hurtado Bocaletti

Founder, LegalPlus

Mauricio Duarte

Partner, LegalPlus

Jaime E. Sánchez R

Partner, Quijano & Associates

Seres Baum

Strategic Advisor, Grupo Work

Fernando Nabais da Furriela

Founding Partner, Furriela Advogados

Roberto Esquivel

Partner and Director, Oller Abogados

Anthony O. Maceira Zayas

Founding Member, MZLS

Marco Tulio Venegas Cruz

Partner, LITREDI S.C

Juan Manuel Cáceres

Founding Partner, Caceres Torres

Ivan Dilly

Chief Legal Officer & Founder, Ivan Dilly

Ricardo Silveira De Moura

Head of Tax Innovation & Business Development, BANCO FISCAL

Martha Landívar

Chief Executive Officer, Landívar & Landívar