The Disputes group has member firms in 60+ jurisdictions around the world.

Each member of our disputes network is carefully vetted on their firm’s expertise and experience. Members are not just content to be part of the industry but also lead through innovation and above all else; who are proud hold the highest ethical standards.

We offer a full cross border disputes service with niche sector expertise offering; ADR, mediation, arbitration, and litigation services. Plus, specialist knowledge in product liability, white collar crime and investigations.

Why Use an IR Global Disputes Member?

Today’s disputes, whether resolved through court litigation, arbitration forums throughout the world or by private mediation, are increasingly complex and typically involve various legal expertise and disciplines. Often these legal disputes involve cross-border parties and legal issues arising under the laws of various jurisdictions.

The IR Disputes groups was formed to revolutionise the way cross-border disputes are resolved and to provide simple, “one-stop shopping” for quality, affordable and experienced legal counsel who work together as one seamless legal adviser to help you resolve your dispute quickly, efficiently and effectively.

For this reason, the IR Disputes Group is fast becoming the ‘go to’ global alternative for international businesses. Get in touch and see how we can help you!

Steering Committee

Gary E Davidson

Partner, Diaz Reus

Howard Colman

Managing Partner, Colman Coyle

Cherry Bridges

Partner, Ritch & Conolly

Search members within this group:

John Wolfs

Managing Director, Wolfs Advocaten

Gary E Davidson

Partner, Diaz Reus

Howard Colman

Managing Partner, Colman Coyle

Dr. Xu Guojian

Senior Partner, Boss & Young

Subramanian Pillai

Partner, CNPLaw LLP

Laura Thalacker

Founding Member, Hartwell Thalacker, LTD.

Daniel C. Fleming

V.P. & Partner, Wong Fleming

Teresa N. Taylor

Shareholder, Butzel Long

Cherry Bridges

Partner, Ritch & Conolly

Mark Regan

Managing Partner, Regan Solicitors

Ignacio Morillas – Paredes

Associate, Colman Coyle

James Conomos

Founder and Principal Partner, James Conomos Lawyers

Nick Gall

Senior Partner, Gall Solicitors

Jarod Bona

Partner, Bona Law PC

Michael Dailey

Partner, Anderson Dailey LLP

Mark Benton

Partner, AHNSE Law Offices

Sung Whan Lee

Managing Partner, AHNSE Law Offices

Sandra L. Secord

Stelios Americanos

Managing Partner Advocate-Corporate and Commercial, Stelios Americanos & Co LLC

Daniel Jimenez

Founder and Head of Litigation and Arbitration Department, SLJ Abogados

David W. Centner

Member, Clark Hill PLC

Stephen Wilson, QC

Partner, GrahamThompson

Aaron Gott

Of Counsel, Bona Law PC

Datuk Seri Krishna Kumar J.P.

Partner, Krish Maniam & Co

Ruggero Rubino-Sammartano

Partner, LawFed BRSA

Pisut Rakwong, MCIArb

Managing Partner, Pisut & Partners

Dr. Alfredo L. Rovira

Founding Partner, Estudio ROVIRA

Liuba Lencova Besheva

Lawyer, Estudio ROVIRA

Caroline Joly

Partner, Baro Alto

Peter J. Tepley

Partner, RumbergerKirk

Michael J. Rediker

Partner, RumbergerKirk

E. Berton Spence

Partner, RumbergerKirk

Gideon Koren

Founding Partner, Gideon Koren & Co.

Robert Rudek

Partner, LawFed BRSA

Dominic Wai

Partner, ONC Lawyers

Cristina Bergner

Lawyer / Partner, ASTRA ADVOKATER

Kartik Nayar

Managing Partner, KN Legal

Cemil Baha ÖZALP

Partner, OZALP

Sudhir Mishra

Managing Partner, Trust Legal

Peter Gray

, ADG Legal

Mohammed Al Dahbashi

Managing Partner, ADG Legal

Christian Clement



Managing Partner, Diri Legal

León Felipe Aguilar Jiménez

Partner, CAMYA

Alejandro Castro Angulo

Partner and Managing Director, Union Andina

Steven Cernak

Partner, Bona Law PC

Dya Ghose-Radhakeesoon

Head of Chambers, Etude Ghose

Adebayo Oyagbola

Partner, Oyagbola Chambers

Amina Oyagbola

Partner, Oyagbola Chambers

Ahmed Al Kotby

Partner, ADG Legal

Nicolás Zaballa

Partner, Estudio ROVIRA

Scott H. Harris

Partner, McLane Middleton

Juan Daniel Rodriguez Cardoso

Partner, Rodríguez Rueda, S.C.

Dennis E. Boyle

Partner, Boyle and Jasari

Paul Heyburn

Litigator, MehaffyWeber

Chip Wagar

Founding Partner, Wagar Hickman, LLC

Soo Ling See Tow

Partner, CNPLaw LLP

Venetia Tan

Partner, CNPLaw LLP

Alain Grosjean

Partner, Bonn & Schmitt

Sandip Patel QC

Managing Partner, Aliant Law

Muthupandi Ganesan

Barrister, Partner, Aliant Law

Barry Smith

Solicitor/Associate, Aliant Law

Carly Hanson

Managing Associate, James Conomos Lawyers

Camille de Verdelhan

Partner, BG2V

Luis Blanquez

Attorney, Bona Law PC

Nelcia St. Jean

Partner, McW Todman & Co.

Cédric Bellwald

Partner, Bonn & Schmitt

Marco Tulio Venegas Cruz

Partner, LITREDI S.C

Edwin Chia

Partner, CNPLaw LLP

Sharleen Eio

Partner, CNPLaw LLP

Prashant Mara

Managing Partner, BTG Legal

Anuwat Ngamprasertkul

Head of Litigation and Dispute Resolution, Blumenthal Richter & Sumet

Radu Voloaga

Founder, Voloaga

Brian C. Kimball

Partner, Butler Snow LLP

Blerina Jasari

Partner, Boyle and Jasari

Thomas H. Curran

Managing Partner, Curran Antonelli

Ceyda Akbal Schwimann

Partner, IAS Partners

Alexander Gebhard

Of Counsel, LawFed BRSA

Xerxes Antia

Partner, BTG Legal

Arjun Paleri

Partner, BTG Legal

Sebastian Wälti

Attorney at Law, Wicki Partners AG

Lucky Mgimba

Senior Advocate, Godwin Attorneys

Héctor Rivera

Partner, VAL Abogados