Corporate Services

The IR Corporate Services group offers clients global coverage for their business needs with members who are not just content to be part of the industry but to lead through innovation.

We offer world-wide expertise and representation through our network of Trusted Advisors.

Whenever you require representation and support in one or more jurisdictions, the Corporate Services Group is ideally placed to assist you in achieving your global expansion plans, ensuring compliance, and securing your plans for growth.

We offer clients practical, long term strategic advice through partnering with other sub-groups of the IR Global Network.

Why Use An IR Corporate Services Member?

The group’s success can be attributed to our emphasis on cost effective solutions, personal service and seamless communication when acting on client requirements spanning multiple jurisdictions.

For these reasons, the IR Corporate Services Group is fast becoming the ‘go to’ global alternative for business requiring international support. Get in touch and see how we can help you.

Steering Committee

Roland Rompelberg

Partner, Maprima

Damien Malone

Founder and Managing Partner, Malone & Co

Search members within this group:

Wissam Abousleiman

Managing Director, Abousleiman & Co

Isabella Bertani, BBA, FCPA, FCA, MBA

Founder and Chief Client Strategist, BERTANI

Dunstan Magro

Managing Partner, WDM International

Florian Diener

Managing Partner, Diener Advisory

Bradley Smith ATP, CMAA

Managing Director/ Partner, Vertess

Kamal Hawabhay

Managing Director, GWMS Ltd


Founding Partner, CCK Strategies, PLLC

Abdulwahid Aboo. FCPA, FCCA, FCPS, CPAR and CPAU

Managing Partner, AAC Kenya

Roland Rompelberg

Partner, Maprima

Damien Malone

Founder and Managing Partner, Malone & Co

Yves Lecot

General Manager, Comptafid Benelux NV

Pawel Brejzek

Partner, BPG Group

Jacqueline Chan

Director, JCPartners PAC

Joe Chang

Partner, HW Group Inc.

Clayton Chan

Founder, K.M Chan & Co., CPA

Cees Jan Quirijns

Partner – Athos Equity Holdings AG, Athos Group

Fréderique van Gelderen

International Tax Structuring Advisor – Athos Capital Partners BV, Athos Group

Dave Sheppard

Principal, MedWorld Advisors

Nicolette Spiteri Bailey

Partner, Aequitas Legal

Georg Sapiano

Partner, Aequitas Legal

Zulfiquarali Aboo. FCCA and CPA (K)

Partner, AAC Kenya

Florence Black

Founder, MedWorld Advisors

Theo Coulen

Partner, Maprima

Robert Bron

Owner & founder, ABiLiTieS Trust

Matthijs den Os

Managing Partner, Zirkzee Group

Leo Oudshoorn

Senior Manager, Zirkzee Group

Martín Verhoeff

Partner, Zirkzee Group

Miroslav Lisjak, MSc

Partner, Alias Consulting

Thierry Stas

Partner, Maprima

Fabio Gasperoni

Partner, Maprima

Luis Alberto Buss Wulff Junior


Rifaath Jaleel

Managing Partner, MHPA LLP

Micha Rosenblatt

CEO, Mellius

Giridas Divakaran

Managing Director, SPK Auditors & Accountants

Manoj Kumar

Executive Director, SPK Auditors & Accountants

(Dick) Isoo Oshima

Partner, Occpa LLC

Katsaros Vasilis

Attorney, Taxspirit

Graham Parrott

Director, Fitzroy Tax Services

Alain Girard

Partner, FIDAG

Paul Urrutia Subinas

Partner, LEIALTA

Javier Martinez

Partner, LEIALTA

Julien D. Martel

Consultant, Caystone

Tulio Berdu

Trust Executive, Caystone

Jason Lee

Managing Director,

Chin Ee Lin

Director, MYBA

Uday Ved

Partner, KNAV

Amitabh Khemka

Partner, KNAV

Jason Xu

Managing Director, Sino Group

Charles Kwun

Managing Director – Sino Fund Services Limited, Sino Group

Alex Cho

CEO – Sino Corporate Services Group, Sino Group

Sami Awikeh

Office Co-Ordinator, Abousleiman & Co

Sérgio Ramos

Partner, NUMERIC

Carlos Rodrigues

Partner, NUMERIC

Rachel Boynton

Managing Director, Vertess

Phil Hardisty

Senior Client Services Administrator, ICM Wealth

Mohamed Habib Landoulsi

Managing Partner, C.C.F-AUDIT

Mohamed Ben Rhouma

Partner, C.C.F-AUDIT

Svetlana Kamyshanskaya

Founder, Primum Law

Edward Allanby

President and Chief Executive Officer, Leman Management

Sharad Kohli

Managing Director, KCC Group

(Dr.) Timothy Zammit

Partner, RSM Malta

Yaw Bamfo-Debrah (CA (GH), ACMA, CGMA, MSc, BBA)

Partner, Jacob Arthur Accounting Services

Jonas A. AYI ACA, CA, MIIA, M.Sc.

CEO and Founder, JSA Consulting

Joseph A. Hickey

Founder, Pearse Trust

Mohamed Badr

Founder & Executive Partner, A&B Consultants: Mohamed Badr & Partners

Sousana Patsoumi Kalfa

Chief Business & Value Officer, Atlas Consulting PC

Martin Kennaugh

Client Services Director, ICM Wealth

Ricardo Silveira De Moura

Head of Tax Innovation & Business Development, BANCO FISCAL

Bledar Korkaj

Partner, ZLA Consulting

Oana Motoi

Partner, Cromwell Evan Global

Jan Borger

Managing Director / Partner, TIC Assurance

Richard Henderiks

Managing Director / Partner, TIC Assurance

Bart Diepenbroek

Advisor / Partner, TIC Assurance