Exposing the Truth:

What the EU Whistleblower Directive means for global business

Speaking Out: What impact will the EU whistleblowing law have on business transparency? In the past few years, demands have been growing around the world for more accountability by businesses […]

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New Horizons:

How external counsel can help you explore and secure market entry opportunities

IR Global members offer jurisdiction-specific advice on how external counsel can help you explore & secure market entry opportunities.  The global Covid-19 pandemic may not be over, but business leaders […]

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IR Global – Meet the Members


For international businesses looking to gain a foothold in Europe, the Benelux countries – Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg – provide the perfect place to establish operations, with comprehensive infrastructure, […]

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IR Global Insights:

Working smart, surviving and thriving

When Covid-19 first surged across continents, most companies had to mothball projects, downsize and quickly review their costs, supply chains, sales strategy and customer relationships. US-based Danny Cortenraede, managing partner […]

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International Trade:

Global and regional trade in the post pandemic

Global Trade: Combating protectionism and the pandemic The past 18 months were a huge shock to international trade as increasing protectionism and Covid-19 wrought havoc with all previous forecasts and […]

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Establishing growth:

Why business development will be tied to the success of the Covid-19 vaccine rollout

Universal Panacea: How will business be tied to the success of the Covid-19 vaccine? As the vaccine for Covid-19 started to roll out across the world by June 2021, professional […]

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Day of Reckoning:

Insolvencies in a post pandemic world

Insolvencies: The next pandemic? When the UK government recently paid Cardiff Airport’s £42.6 million debt and then provided £42.6 million in grants, it was following the same path adopted by […]

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Force Majeure:

Protecting Yourself against Divine Intervention

Defining ‘Force Majeure’ in a post-Covid landscape In 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic tanked economies, disrupted global supply chains and brought businesses to their knees. With the advent of regulations enforcing […]

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The Evolution of the Cannabis Industry:

An Intellectual Property Perspective

Coming of Age: Why legislation is finally catching up with cannabis While the world has been dominated by the Covid-19 pandemic during the past 18 months, one business sector that […]

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The Middle East & North Africa:

A Dynamic Region for Inward & Outward Investment

The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region is a hugely diverse cultural and geographical mix that stretches from Morocco in northwest Africa to Iran in Southwest Asia. The region […]

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Meet the Members

Central & Eastern Europe

Staying ahead of the curve – Navigating the Central & Eastern Europe ecosystem & choosing the right advisor During the past two decades the key nations of Central and Eastern […]

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Remote Working:

The Challenge for Businesses when a Home-Based Workforce Operates from a Different Jurisdiction

The past year has witnessed a huge remote working experiment for many of the world’s businesses and their employees as a result of Covid-19. And, for many, these new working […]

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