Asia/Pacific Forum

The Asia/Pacific Forum is a platform that focuses on connectivity and cooperation among countries with interests in Asia and across the Pacific.

The forum helps those doing business in Asia and the Pacific thanks to a strong emphasis on understanding the cultural issues and needs on both in/out-bound work. The value offered by our Asian professional services network to the business community is unrivalled.

Members have close cooperation and work together from all over the globe to development business opportunities for the client.

Functions of the Asia/Pacific Forum

  • Information exchange between members
  • Business Cooperation between firms and jurisdictions
  • Explore the full potential of businesses through a think tank of experts
  • Promotion within the Asian markets and accompanying events

If any member or user wishes to discuss Asia/Pacific related topics/business, then please feel free to contact the committee directly. You can obtain their contacts details, by clicking on their individual profiles.

Steering Committee

Thomas Paoletti

Founder & Managing Partner, Paoletti Law Group

Search members within this group:

Nicholas V. Chen

Partner, Pamir Law Group

Seema Jhingan

Partner, LexCounsel

Jeremy Cousins

Principal, Whitehall Workplace Law

Peter C. Pang

Principal Attorney and Managing Partner, IPO Pang Xingpu

Dr. Xu Guojian

Senior Partner, Boss & Young

Subramanian Pillai

Partner, CNPLaw LLP

Julia Charlton

Partner, Charltons

Clinton Morrow

Partner, Charltons

Shailendra Swarup

Partner, Swarup & Company

Bindu Saxena

Partner, Swarup & Company

James Conomos

Founder and Principal Partner, James Conomos Lawyers

Nick Gall

Senior Partner, Gall Solicitors

Juan Carlos Madrigal

Consultant, Pamir Law Group

Mark Benton

Partner, AHNSE Law Offices

Sung Whan Lee

Managing Partner, AHNSE Law Offices

Jacqueline Chan

Director, JCPartners PAC

Joe Chang

Partner, HW Group Inc.

Clayton Chan

Founder, K.M Chan & Co., CPA

Justisiari Kusumah

Managing Partner, K&K Advocates

Esteban (Steve) Mendoza

Partner, Mendoza & Pangan

Ian See

Partner, Ian See & Co

Geoffrey Shiff

Founding Partner, Shiff & Company

Michael Levy

Partner, Shiff & Company

Kenji Kuroda

Partner, Kuroda Law Offices

Datuk Seri Krishna Kumar J.P.

Partner, Krish Maniam & Co

Daniel Baldovin

Principal, Chapman Eastway

Judy Tse

Senior Tax Manager, Chapman Eastway

Pisut Rakwong, MCIArb

Managing Partner, Pisut & Partners

Gideon Koren

Founding Partner, Gideon Koren & Co.

Dominic Wai

Partner, ONC Lawyers

Matthew Rouse

Managing Director, Rouse Lawyers

Kartik Nayar

Managing Partner, KN Legal

Sakib Sikder

Managing Partner, Jural Acuity

Mark D’Alelio


Micha Rosenblatt

CEO, Mellius

Sudhir Mishra

Managing Partner, Trust Legal

Rio Lassatrio

Partner, LHBM Counsel

Le Quoc Chen

Managing Partner, ANNAM IP & LAW

John Woo

Partner, AG Singapore

Jason Lee

Managing Director,

Chin Ee Lin

Director, MYBA

Uday Ved

Partner, KNAV

Amitabh Khemka

Partner, KNAV

Jason Xu

Managing Director, Sino Group

Charles Kwun

Managing Director – Sino Fund Services Limited, Sino Group

Alex Cho

CEO – Sino Corporate Services Group, Sino Group

Peter Doraisamy

Managing Partner, PDLegal LLC

Lisa Theng

Managing Partner, CNPLaw LLP

Ken Chia

Partner, CNPLaw LLP

Min-Li Tan

Partner, CNPLaw LLP

Soo Ling See Tow

Partner, CNPLaw LLP

Venetia Tan

Partner, CNPLaw LLP

Kook Hee Lee

Partner CPA, Samhwa Accounting

Gilad Barone

Founding Partner, Barone & Co

Peter Kedziora

Principal, Chapman Eastway

Danny Kobrata

Partner, K&K Advocates

David Kim

CPA, Sejong

Joey Yoon

CPA, Sejong

Kyle Gabriel Peters

Partner, PDLegal LLC

Bob Low

Founder, Bob Low & Co

Risti Wulansari

Partner, K&K Advocates

Carly Hanson

Managing Associate, James Conomos Lawyers

Tess Von Dadelszen

Senior Associate, Morrison Kent Lawyers

Sharad Kohli

Managing Director, KCC Group

Greg Lamey

CEO, ForenSix

Gwynn Hopkins

Managing Director, Perun Consultants

Edwin Chia

Partner, CNPLaw LLP

Sharleen Eio

Partner, CNPLaw LLP

Prashant Mara

Managing Partner, BTG Legal

Dato’ Raveendra Kumar Nathan

Managing Principal, RIMBUN

Manishi Pathak

Founding Partner, Anhad Law

To Xuan Tinh (Mr.)

Managing Partner, TND Legal

Anuwat Ngamprasertkul

Head of Litigation and Dispute Resolution, Blumenthal Richter & Sumet

Vo Huu Tu (Mr.)

Partner, TND Legal

Nguyen Quoc Bao (Mr.)

Senior Associate, TND Legal

Yuvaraj N Muralitharan

Senior Consultant, RIMBUN

Lakshman Shankar

Partner, Head – Indian Desk, PDLegal LLC

Christopher H. Johnson

Managing Attorney, Al-Sharif Law Firm

Xerxes Antia

Partner, BTG Legal

Arjun Paleri

Partner, BTG Legal

Ashish Bansal

Partner, SVARAJ & Associates

Gavin King CA

Associate, Director of Insolvency, Condon Advisory Group

Yogesh Jain

Associate Partner, SVARAJ & Associates