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Virtual Series Participation

To create a cross-jurisdictional publication giving Laura’s firm access to high-quality content that can be used to market and promote her firm, showcasing their knowledge and experience on the subject addressed and displaying the global connections they have via the IR Global network.

Members are invited to attend a recorded virtual meeting to discuss the chosen subject, each having time to provide their unique insight on the questions asked via our Editor. The discussion is engaging and allows the members to probe for more information as and when appropriate. The call is transcribed and the final content designed into a publication used by the members to market and promote to IR and their own networks.

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The benefits of cross-promotion

We all promote our own businesses – we know our potential clients can benefit from our products or services and we want to show the world why working with us is a good decision. We often look at other companies we affiliate with and try to use their marketing to support our own by taking […]

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Florida Businesses with Federal Contracts Face New Challenges

On November 18, 2021, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed new legislation prohibiting private employer COVID-19 vaccine mandates, requiring employers to recognize new exemptions to receiving a COVID-19 vaccine, changing how the cost of PPE and COVID-19 testing is shared between businesses and employees, and fining any Florida businesses who violate the new law. Regardless of […]

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The 2022 Finance Act: Reorganization of tax appeal procedures

The 2022 Finance Act aims to reorganize the tax appeal procedure. Indeed, this reorganization follows a long process of reform. The important steps of this reform were : First, the introduction of the book of tax procedures through the Article 22 of the Finance Act No. 26-04 for the fiscal year 2005; Second, the institution […]

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U.S. Gas Station & Convenience Store Update Q2 2021

Introduction U.S. retail sales exhibited a stable performance in June 2021 increasing 0.6% compared with a 1.7% decrease in May, and gas stations and c-stores are benefiting from pent-up demand. Sales at gas stations rose 2.5% in June 2021 over May 2021 as Americans took to the road, but they also spent more at the […]

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UNIC’s Institute For the Future and Dubai Police G.H.Q Sign Memorandum of Cooperation

The partnership aims to enhance the collaboration between the two parties, offering all Esaad Cardholders the opportunity to pursue the University of Nicosia’s leading MSc in Blockchain and Digital Currency. DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES—24 NOVEMBER 2021— The Institute For the Future (IFF) – University of Nicosia (UNIC) and the Dubai Police General Headquarters (G.H.Q) have signed […]

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Park v CNH – Oh, what a tangled web we weave

“Oh, what a tangled web we weave…when first we practice to deceive.” The truth of Walter Scott’s well known quotation (from his poem “Marmion”) is amply illustrated by the decision of the Court of Appeal in Park v CNH Industrial Capital Europe Ltd (t/a CNH Capital) [2021] EWCA Civ 1766, a case all about deception: […]

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LLC: A Blueprint to Limit Liability and Cut Taxes

There is generally no one legal structure that works best for all businesses. The most favorable choice depends on a number of factors, including the number of owners, your tax situation and whether or not you have employees. A limited liability company (LLC) may be a good choice because it provides flexibility, low maintenance, favorable tax […]

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Moral Rights Under Copyright Law

These days, one faces a plethora of copyright issues pertaining to moral rights of authors, a historic and significant aspect of copyright law in almost every part of the world. The fundamentals of copyright law are at cross-roads with the concept of moral rights. Moral rights specifically are the personal rights of an author in […]

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Williams v Nilsson – Establishing Common Intention

The recent decision in Williams v Nilsson illustrates two points. The first is that establishing interests in a trust of property is an exercise in establishing common intention. The second is the importance of all evidence being put to the court so as to enable the correct decision to be made and for any judgment […]

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Internal Investigations – Process gaps and integrity issues

(Prashant Mara and Devina Deshpande) Workplace investigations into financial wrongdoings are typically precipitated by either gaps in the system or by integrity issues. That is to say, defaults can likely be attributed either to a process gap that results in or allows errors (and consequently value leakages) or to personnel who exploit these gaps in […]

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