The Business of Brexit

Implications for the commercial contract process

The United Kingdom is due to leave the European Union (EU) on March 29th 2019, officially dissolving its membership after 25 years. During that time the EU has expanded considerably […]

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Limiting Liabilities

Structuring holding companies to withstand insolvency

The concept of limited liability is one well known in the international corporate lexicon. Companies are organised to minimise their liability for the actions of related but legally separate entities, […]

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Is it time up for discrimination in the workplace?

The #MeToo movement officially began in October 2017 as a social media hashtag in the wake of sexual misconduct allegations aimed at high profile Hollywood film producer Harvey Weinstein. It […]

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Collaborations Across Borders

Establishing international joint ventures

Joint ventures can be an efficient and effective way to access new markets, develop new products or explore new industries. They can be operational in nature, or passive if they […]

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Preferential Portfolios

Tax efficiency in international real estate investment

Real estate remains an attractive proposition for international investors. Whether that is residential or commercial property, the relatively attractive yield in comparison to more traditional investments such as bonds, makes […]

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Tax Efficient Inbound Investment

Tax Structures for Cross-Border Acquisitions

Anyone considering an inbound investment into another country or jurisdiction must give serious thought to taxation. Issues such as privacy, accurate asset valuation and liability protection are important, but it […]

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Slaying Uncertainty

Assessing the contribution of insurance to the M&A process

In the Anglo Saxon legal world, the idea of insuring against warranties and indemnities in an acquisition or divestiture is not new, although its frequent use as an integral part […]

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A Fintech Paradigm

The changing face of financial services

Fintech is a relatively new concept that encompasses a whole variety of businesses also beneath the broader umbrella of financial services. The term generally incorporates any use of technology to […]

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International Asset Sequestration

Achieving effective judgment awards

The process of recovering debts can be extremely challenging, particularly when the individual debtor in question is sophisticated, and holds assets in multiple jurisdictions around the world. The legal process […]

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Litigation Funding

Handling commercial and Financial disputes

The complexity of global commerce inevitably leads to disputes between parties doing business together across borders, cultures and time zones. The increasing frequency, scale and complexity of commercial disputes has […]

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A Residency Exchange

Securing residency or citizenship through real estate investment

Political instability and an over-reliance on a single economic system are two of the reasons why high net worth investors seek alternative citizenship somewhere other than the country of their […]

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Establishing Foreign Companies with Clarity

Enhancing understanding of KYC/AML regulations

Establishing a presence in a foreign jurisdiction can be difficult, without the right help and guidance. International anti-money laundering (AML) rules mean that full customer due diligence is required on […]

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