Know Your Customer

Ensuring legitimacy in business transactions

The past decade has seen a marked increase in effort from the international community to combat money laundering. As new opportunities to launder money have arisen, aided by technology and […]

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Company Formations:

A jurisdictional guide to setting up a business

Multinational corporations require a range of different structures in order to maintain a global presence. These structures can be used for different purposes, whether it is developing a trading operation […]

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Freezing Assets

The mechanics behind cross-border injunctions

Many modern organisations, regardless of size, own assets in multiple locations across the world. The advent of technology, together with accessible international markets, means dealing with clients across borders is […]

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Troubleshooting the EU's New Data Protection Legislation

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force across the European Union on May 25th 2018. It applies to all businesses and public sector bodies that access, use or […]

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Dealing in IP

Successfully Transacting IP as Part of the M&A Process

The importance of intellectual property (IP) in an M&A deal process can often be underestimated, particularly if it is not seen as central to the transaction process. Regardless of whether […]

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Staying Ahead of the Curve

Implementing effective arbitration agreements

An examination of most commercial contracts governing international agreements will reveal a clause dealing with alternative dispute resolution, specifically arbitrations. The oft-quoted advantages of arbitration, as opposed to litigation, usually […]

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