Technology & Disputes:

The Impact of New Technology on Litigation and Dispute Resolution

For the legal sector, COVID-19 has been a huge catalyst for change globally. Overnight, almost all legal advisors decamped en masse from their expensive mid-town and city offices to their […]

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Shock Of The New:

What is the Impact of the Gig Economy on the Traditional Workplace?

Whenever the gig economy comes up in conversation, app-based technology companies such as Uber usually get a mention as the emerging business models for ‘gig’ workers. And while these new […]

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International Contracts:

How Has the Global Pandemic Impacted International Contracts?

The COVID-19 pandemic is one of those once-ina- lifetime events that few people predict but which affects everyone – individuals, businesses and governments. During the past four months the pandemic […]

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Force Majeure:

Insolvency and Restructuring in Uncertain Times

Sometimes events can be so unprecedented that even the canniest business people fail to comprehend what’s happening until it’s too late. The COVID-19 “coronavirus” crisis is one such event. Businesses […]

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Unprecedented Times, Desperate Measures

The coronavirus pandemic has caused governments across the world to take measures that impact the movement of people rarely, if ever, seen in peacetime before. Understandably, this has adversely affected […]

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Fairness & Impartiality:

Are Witnesses Truly Independent in Your Jurisdiction?

Global commerce is by its nature a complex beast and it is inevitable that sometimes disputes arise between companies doing business across the world. As more international deals are signed […]

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Trade Wars

Global Protectionism as a Threat to Cross-Border Transactions

Protectionism is nothing new. Governments and companies have been engaging in it for time immemorial in order to support their own interests. What is new, is the global scale of […]

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Understanding the Taxation IP

Optimising the value and revenue-generating capability of intellectual property (IP) is critical to almost all businesses.

IP lawyers will focus on managing the validity and enforceability of IP in order to optimise its value. This is a process that must be prioritised, but equally important is […]

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The Retail Apocalypse

The retail apocalypse is real and is coming to a high street near you!

Our Virtual Series publications bring together a number of the network’s members to discuss a different practice area-related topic. The participants share their expertise and offer a unique perspective from […]

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