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To create a cross-jurisdictional publication giving Laura’s firm access to high-quality content that can be used to market and promote her firm, showcasing their knowledge and experience on the subject addressed and displaying the global connections they have via the IR Global network.

Members are invited to attend a recorded virtual meeting to discuss the chosen subject, each having time to provide their unique insight on the questions asked via our Editor. The discussion is engaging and allows the members to probe for more information as and when appropriate. The call is transcribed and the final content designed into a publication used by the members to market and promote to IR and their own networks.

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Seven Good Reasons to Create an Innovative Start-up in Italy

Why is it a good idea to open an innovative start-up in Italy? The Italian government has implemented a special legislative package to favor the creation and development of innovative start-ups in Italy, furnishing legislation that is among the most favorable in Europe. For non-EU citizens who wish to invest or begin an innovative start-up […]

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Turkey shares financial data – Tax dodgers should consider submitting a voluntary declaration

The automatic exchange of financial information is supposed to assist countries in their efforts to tackle cross-border tax evasion. Turkey is now among the countries that share information with the German tax authorities. The automatic exchange of information is a powerful weapon in the fight against cross-border tax evasion. More than 100 countries are party […]

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New Business Immigration Measures: What Your Foreign Workers Need to Know

Every month, our Immigration and Business Mobility Team monitors major news that may impact your foreign workers. Check out these June 2021 business immigration updates. Easing of Border Measures for Travellers Coming to Canada Following public health requirements, scientific data and the epidemiological situation in Canada and abroad, Canada will ease some of the border measures for […]

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Is Your Contractor an Employee?

Employment Law: Is Your Contractor an Employee? If you get it wrong, what are the penalties? The ATO (Australian Taxation Office) often issues guidelines for Employers to better understand the relationship they may have with their workers. It is important to get this relationship right from day one. Here are their six (6) basic questions to ask […]

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Don’t Miss These Often-Overlooked Overtime Pay Requirements

When the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) publicizes financial penalties it has levied against employers for overtime pay violations, it’s not hoping to shame them. The treatment and calculation of this pay can be confusing. So the DOL’s goal is to make the most of “teachable moments.” Three recent cases involving OT pay rules come under […]

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The Malta Residence and Visa Regulations, regulated by Subsidiary Legislation 217.18, more commonly referred to as the Malta Residence and Visa Programme (“MRVP”) was launched in 2015. Third country nationals issued with a residence certificate in terms of the MRVP benefit from the right to reside, settle and stay indefinitely in Malta. The Malta Residence […]

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The future of capital gains tax takes shape

A recently released report on capital gains tax (CGT) by the Office of Tax Simplification (OTS) has made several recommendations on the future of a tax, about which it says many people have limited awareness or understanding. The 30-day reporting and payment deadline for residential property disposals comes in for particular criticism. Although around half […]

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Current Developments Relating to President Biden’s Infrastructure and Social Spending Proposals

Last May I posted a blog discussing the outlook for President Biden’s $2.3 trillion infrastructure plan.  Since then, there have been several significant developments:  a failed attempt at infrastructure negotiations with the GOP Senate caucus, a so-far-successful, infrastructure proposal advanced by a bi-partisan group of Senate Democrats and Republicans, and an apparent agreement among Senate Democrats for a $3.5 […]

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Florida’s Chapter 558 Procedures For Construction Defect Disputes

In construction defect disputes, owners must comply with certain procedures before filing a lawsuit against a contractor.  These procedures are contained within Florida Statutes Chapter 558.  This newsletter describes the mechanics of Chapter 558 and how a contractor should navigate through it. Chapter 558 applies to “construction defects” resulting from work performed by a contractor, […]

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DOL Proposes New Rule on Server Side-Work, Reviving the 80/20 Rule and Including a new 30 Minute Cap

By Christopher T. Vrountas, Esq. and Allison C. Ayer, Esquire, Vrountas, Ayer & Chandler, P.C.                 Back in March we warned that the U.S. Department of Labor might make further revisions to the tip credit rules promulgated at the end of the Trump administration.  That warning has now become reality.  Late in June 2021, the […]

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