Women Inspiring Women

On this International Women’s Day, let us celebrate all the inspiring women whose leadership contributes to our community’s social, cultural, political, and economic success.

Feminization of leadership is now emerging as a new model of leadership that is more inclusive, human and caring. Beyond gender, this leadership fulfills a critical need for a more flourishing and egalitarian society.

Supporting women’s career development and success is a strategic priority for BCF. We believe that one of our greatest strengths is the 335 women that make this firm. This gender diversity contributes to better collaboration among our teams, greater retention of our talents and to a significant feminization of our leadership.

Women in this firm serve as team leaders, mentors, coaches and provide day-to-day leadership for the career development of women and men.

These women help define our firm as a more equal, inclusive and diverse future.

On behalf of everyone at BCF, we wish you all a wonderful International Women’s Day!

Contributing Advisors

Gilles Seguin