Wolfs Advocaten, duvieusart ebel, avocats associés and Everest Law working together

John WolfsManaging Director, Wolfs Advocaten

Wolfs Advocaten (based in Amsterdam and Maastricht, the Netherlands) is currently assisting an U.S. law firm on a charitable sales promotion of a global operating firm.

Since the firm was looking to do a charitable sales promotion in multiple countries, including the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg, Wolfs Advocaten is reviewing the campaign structure and is advising on legislation with respect to (commercial) advertising and charity actions. For Luxembourg Wolfs Advocaten has been assisted by BenoÎt Duvieusart and for Belgium by Stéphane Bertouille.

Contributing Advisors

Stéphane EbelPartner, duvieusart ebel, avocats associés

Benoît DuvieusartPartner, duvieusart ebel, avocats associés

Stéphane BertouillePartner, Everest Law