Wolfs Advocaten and Bacciardi and Partners working together

John WolfsManaging Director, Wolfs Advocaten

Wolfs Advocaten (based in Amsterdam and Maastricht, the Netherlands) has been working together with law firm Bacciardi and Partners (based in Pesaro, Bologna and Milan, Italy) on behalf of an Italian client which produces, sells and distributes certain products.

As part of a distribution relationship, the Italian client purchased products in the Netherlands from a Dutch company and imported the products to Italy. A batch of seeds purchased by the Italian company turned out to be of insufficient quality.

In that regard, the parties decided to terminate the distribution agreement. The Dutch company eventually started proceedings in the Netherlands concerning the rights and obligations of the parties as a result of the terminated distribution agreement. Wolfs Advocaten, in cooperation with Bacciardi and Partners, has assisted the Italian client in this respect, among other things with regard to the jurisdiction of the Dutch court, the applicable law and the validity of some claims in the distribution agreement. Finally, Wolfs Advocaten has been able to reach a favorable settlement for the Italian client.