Why your company should give back

A Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Programme

Let’s be honest, we don’t need to tell you the true value of a charitable initiative…

But we feel pretty strongly on the matter!

Since conception charitable initiatives have been at the forefront of IR Global. If you are new to the group you may not know this, but our founder, Tom Wheeler, also founded a charitable non-profit – Sinchi Foundation.

Sinchi Foundation upholds the UN’s declaration on the rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) with an emphasis on the right to self-determination and the protection of indigenous lands. Their projects highlight the important role indigenous people play as protectors of the land, air and water who are fighting on the front lines of climate change on behalf of us all, to inspire, motivate and garner further support.

That’s our CSR program, but what’s yours? And why should you have one?

Besides the obvious – caring for others that may be less fortunate than yourself – there are many benefits to this kind of initiative that you may not have thought of:

  • It showcases interests and passions outside of the corporate world. Do you feel strongly about something, or have an interest or skill you wish you could share with others? Take some time to look into ways these can be leveraged to benefit others.
  • It can give a great first impression. Highlighting your chosen CSR programme to potential new clients showcases that your business cares and adds a human aspect to the organisation that could start your relationship off on the right foot.
  • Team building opportunities. What brings a team together faster than an obstacle race, a “bake-off”, or team sport for charity? Fundraising can be done in an infinite number of ways to suit everyone and every organisation, but it all provides an organisation to bring your team together outside of a work environment for a common goal.

Hopefully we’ve inspired you to take a fresh look at CSR programmes, and possibly consider your own! In the meantime, if you’d like to know more about ours you can visit the Sinchi website here.

Don’t hesitate to email info@irglobal.com if you’d like to discuss some fresh charitable ideas.