Why ageism is adland's next frontier

Published 25 November 2016 by gunnercooke llp

Shilpen Savani quoted in Campaign Live:

Diversity may be at the top of the advertising agenda but the issue of ageism has been conspicuous by its absence, Nicola Kemp writes.

A creative used-by date

Shilpen Savani, a dispute resolution and employment law specialist at Gunnercooke, says that the advertising and media industries as a whole are not dealing well with the issue of age discrimination. He explains: "Innovation is valued above experience and that has created an imbalance and a focus on change. There is a misconception that age and innovation are seen as mutually exclusive." According to Savani, age has long been regarded as something that is unattractive and "there is a greater awareness and acceptance in the industry where individuals have an invisible sell-by date". 

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