What’s the biggest challenge advisors face when trying to understand risk in this space?

In Japan there has to be a discussion around cannabis for medicinal purposes. Clients need to know more about
this. At the moment, the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare is increasingly likely to change its guidance adding cannabis-based products to its banned lists for non-pharmaceutical products including health food and cosmetic. For instance, changing the lists on essential ingredients that correspond to pharmaceutical products.

Likewise, the Ministry of Health could at any time put CBD on the banned list for cosmetics, which would make it impossible to manufacture and sell cosmetics containing CBD. The government attitude changes all the time and it’s a high-risk factor in Japan for any client looking for opportunities with cannabis-based products.

But as I mentioned, some regulations for CBD products may change significantly in the future depending on the business sector. We have to tell business people who want to enter the Japanese market that all we can do is keep an eye on the lists coming out of the Ministry of Health.