WEBINAR: The critical role of finance in mitigating cyber risk

Rajesh C KhairajaniPartner, KNAV

Cyber threats are becoming more sophisticated every day… and tools are also becoming more sophisticated, but organizations of all sizes are succumbing to orchestrated cyber-attacks including ransomware, fraud, and data exfiltration. So, adopting the right strategy is important. This requires a risk management-based approach: understanding your assets, your risks and defining what to do to best protect your business.

The webinar has 3 parts:

1 –  Learn about the landscape of Cyber Security risk and how to use AI and ML to fight cyber threats

2- Are you auditing your IT controls and security procedures?  Learn about SOC (System & Organization Controls)

3 – Understanding the threats and vulnerabilities before an attack occurs will help protect your business and reputation and help lower the cost of your cyber insurance.


Contributing Advisors

Simone AltingAssociate Partner, KNAV