We Ensure Full Continuity In The Provision Of Our Services To Support Our Clients During The Coronavirus Emergency

Dear All,

BACCIARDI and PARTNERS, after securing the entire work environment in order to guarantee the maximum safety of its associates, employees and clients, who may need to physically access the Firm, has adopted appropriate solutions to safeguard the continuity of its services in favor of its Italian and foreign clients.

We have extended the implementation of our advanced IT systems, which we have always used in light of the fact that we have been working internationally and in mobility mode for over thirty years.

All our partners, associates and employees are fully equipped to work from their homes in smart and remote working mode. We are able to share resources, tools, information and documents necessary to ensure full and continuous professional assistance in favor of all our clients, despite of our current remote location. We are also in daily contact with our several and qualified foreign law firms making up our international network.

BACCIARDI and PARTNERS remains, therefore, 100% in operation. All our partners, associates and employees are constantly available and reachable via phone, e-mail, tele and/or videoconference using the normal contact details. The daily physical presence at BACCIARDI and PARTNERS’ headquarters will be ensured by means of staggered shifts.   

Despite of the difficulties, BACCIARDI and PARTNERS will continue to stay alongside its clients to help the same to maintain the leadership positions they have laboriously acquired in both the domestic and foreign marketsi.

Enzo Bacciardi
Lorenzo Bacciardi, LL.M.
Tommaso Mancini
Tommaso Fonti, LL.M.

Contributing Advisors