Wayne Outten & Wendi Lazar will be attending the Labor & Employment Law conference in New Orleans

Published 25 October 2013 by Outten & Golden LLP

Wayne Outten & Wendi Lazar of Outten & Golden LLP will be attending the 7th Annual Labor and Employment Law Conference, 6th - 9th November 2013 in New Orleans, Louisiana.

If there are any other IR members who would like to join the conference and meet with Wendi and Wayne then please contact them on the following emails.

Wayne Outten - wno@outtengolden.com
Wendi Lazar - wsl@outtengolden.com

Conference Highlights:

  • 2012–2013 Supreme Court Labor and Employment Law Review
  • Conversations with the National Labor Relations Board Members and General Counsel
  • Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Leaders Discuss Latest Initiatives and Regulations
  • Overviews of The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act
  • In-House Counsel Sessions
  • Hot Topics and Case Law Developments
  • Legislative Updates