Utilising our Newsfeed

Uploading your article:

To upload your article to the newsfeed, you can either send it straight to your Client Manager or you can do it yourself through the IR Global members area. Within the members area, you can manage your own content and filter through existing articles to find news from other IR members that is relevant to you. Once you upload your own article to your portal, this gets reviewed by your Client Manager and in most cases, your article will appear within 24 hours.

Member profile:

Once your article is on the newsfeed, it will also feature on your member profile. When viewing your profile, people will be able to see your biography, contact details as well as the articles you have published with IR Global, this allows them to find out more about what you do and your firm. We can also find any article that you have published with us, no matter how old! Or, if someone else at your firm publishes something that may be of interest to members in our network, we can still upload this to your newsfeed.


Not only does your newsfeed allow you to reach a wider, global audience, it helps with your SEO. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the process of improving your website traffic. When writing your articles and linking to your website, this creates a backlink which signals to Google (or any search engine) that another resource finds your content valuable, which helps your website rank higher on the search results page.

Anyone can view your article:

By publishing your articles to our newsfeed, it gives you the chance to reach anyone, not just IR members. We have had non-IR members contact us asking for more information about an article that has been published and our Client Managers then passed on their information to the IR member, resulting in them receiving a referral.

Overall, your newsfeed is a great place for you to share your content further! You have unlimited publishing rights, and you can also add pictures or videos to your content. If you have an article that you wish to share with us, please contact your Client Manager.