TND Legal: New Brand Identity

Dear Valued Customers, Colleagues and Friends,

We are pleased to announce that as of 22 November 2021, our brand identity will officially be changed as part of the ongoing development and evolution of TND Legal.

The release of our new brand identity kits marks a big milestone in our development progress. Our new logo maintains the core structure of the old one but is redesigned to be in a simpler manner. This reaffirms our below founding premises in rendering legal services to clients.

Direct & Optimisation

Our deliverables are practical and straightforward to the point, addressing the ultimate concerns of the clients in the simplest structure.


We establish full understanding on the background and the need of clients prior to any submission of fee quotation, avoiding adding up legal fee for unnecessary work.


If a fee quotation is submitted by us, it means that we have carefully examined our capabilities, and therefore, our deliverables will be of the highest quality and at international standards.

We thank for your trust in our services.

Contributing Advisors