Tine Mišic Promoted as ODI Slovenia’s New Partner

After a successful 2018, the turn of the year has not only brought fresh challenges for the ODI family, but has also seen an addition to ODI’s Slovenian office’s equity partnership. The firm’s Managing Partner Uroš Ilić and Partners Branko Ilić and Matjaž Jan are joined by Tine Mišic as ODI’s new Partner. With Tine’s appointment, the total number of ODI Partners climbs to nine in all ODI jurisdictions.

Having joined ODI as an Associate in 2015, Tine completed the firm’s partner track with distinction, joining the firm’s equity partnership. With previous in-house counselling experience, Tine, who became attorney-at-law in 2016, is to head the firm’s Corporate Advisory practice group, and co-manage its business development processes. Speaking five foreign languages, he specializes in antitrust, labour, public procurement, real estate, sports law, and international disputes.  

The addition of a new Slovenian equity partner not only symbolizes Tine’s natural progression in the firm’s ranks through commitment and dedication, but also further strengthens the firm’s core, thus enabling it to maintain its status among the regional elite, and to keep pursuing its clients’ best interests with distinction both domestically and abroad. With this latest addition to its equity partnership, ODI has also firmly set sights on future promotions of its Associates 

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