The Supreme reopens part of the case against Diaz Ferrán by Marsans

Published 18 July 2016 by SLJ Abogados

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By Laura Salces Acebes 

The Supreme Court has returned to the High Court of the case against Gerardo Díaz Ferrán for bankruptcy Marsans. This week, the Supreme Court upheld the sentence of two years in prison against the president of the CEOE but has ordered the Court to re-sentencing on the direct responsibility of society Al Andalus Management and businessman Jamal Satli Churches in clearing Marsans hotel chain Hotetur.

In its judgment, the Supreme Court urges the Court to justify clearly the lack of references in its judgment the appeal of Meliá, AC and Pullmantur, which maintain that hotels Marsans were transferred without paying any price. Daniel Jimenez, managing partner of SLJ Law says so the "tour operators have always maintained that Satli Iglesias kept the jewels of Marsans hotel without paying".

An appeal with the hotel looking that all contracts are canceled and transfer these assets will be reinstated in the contest of Marsans, which is in solution.

Marsans hotels grouped under Hotetur society were taken over by Al Andalus Management in August 2010. The agreement signed by the then administrator of the group, Angel Cabo, included the management of 11 establishments Spain and the Caribbean.

Currently, BlueBay manages a portfolio of more than 50 establishments, including Miguel Angel Hotel Madrid.

The Supreme also orders new sentence in regard to the appeal filed by Astra Worldwide, so that "it be expressly and sufficiently justify" the decision to declare subsidiary responsible civil society.