The State of M&A: Partnering with Strategics

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I am looking forward to moderating a panel of industry experts at the upcoming BIOMEDevice Boston show as part of the Master Class Start-Up Series sponsored by MassMEDIC. This Conference is tailored to providing the knowledge growing companies need to not only function, but be successful in the ever-changing landscape that is our industry.

September 28th from 12PM-1PM, our Lunch & Learn Session: The State of M&A – Partnering with Strategics specifically will be discussing the way larger MedTech companies thinks about capital allocation to M&A and licensing as the market corrects following the tumultuous last few years, and whether or not short-term dynamics matter in the aforementioned initiatives. Our panelists are the heads of M&A from leading industry OEMs who will discuss their companies’ (Philips IGT, J&J, Abiomed) perspectives on investments today and in the next 18 months.

Though we will be taking questions at the panel, we encourage you to respond to this email with any you may have. We will work hard to include them into our discussion.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Contributing Advisors